Tesseract Humanitarian Design- March Competition
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Tesseract Humanitarian Design- March Competition

Tesseract Humanitarian Design- March Competition
Scritto da Redazione The Plan -
Who knows what forms society might have to take in the coming century, and how might that effect our built environment? Recently our competitions have focussed on what could really be considered micro architecture, and empathy for particular groups of people in need, but now we are looking at the macro, and inviting you to explore issues that we will potentially all face.
We are asking you envisage a particular city in 100 years time. With the complete unpredictability of natural disasters has it been permanently devastated, or been reborn and flourished? Has it succumbed to the threat of global warming and rising seas, or is it groaning under the weight of a massive population boom? What landmarks will remain, if any, and how will the new culture have adapted these to meet new needs? We want you to experiment, set your imagination free, and display your ideas in the best way you can on an A3 image.
There are many aspects to explore, so don’t feel constrained to the questions we have posed to get you thinking. You can choose any city you like- perhaps where you live or an iconic place- and think how it will develop over the next century. We are not necessarily looking for beautifully rendered images of cities, or even large panoramas or cityscapes, your entry could depict a single aspect or view within the city.

Entries from anyone, anywhere are welcome!

Register/Submit: Thursday, March 31, 2011

Entry Format
This is a concept competition- we are asking for just one image (ideally A3 sized) which explains your idea, with minimal written explanation.

Entry Fee & Prize
The entry fee is £3, and the prize is half of all the entry money. The other half goes straight to a humanitarian building project in Delhi, India.

For the full brief and details, visit the website http://tesseractcompetitions.com/current/

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