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  • Techlam

    The Hilton Times Square in New York, the Corinthians Stadium in Sao Paolo, Frankfurt Airport and the Botín Foundation of the Santander Group all have one element in common, TECHLAM®, the latest generation porcelain material, developed and manufactured by the Spanish company, Levantina, has been used in all of them. Its versatility in terms of size, ability to work with other materials and its technical properties of durability, hygiene and flexibility, has made it a benchmark in the sector. It is both versatile and innovative and can be used in multiple applications, from football stadiums to shopping centers, underground stations or home interiors (bathrooms, kitchens and for furniture). The suitability of this material for renovations is emphasized by the TECHLAM 5+ format (5 mm thick + glass fiber mesh reinforcement), since its minimal thickness is reinforced by a fiber base that enables a balanced distribution of forces on the porcelain tile. TECHLAM can be installed directly over existing flooring, increasing the height of the surface by only 5.5 mm. This means that existing floors and doors do not need to be levelled out. This easy and clean installation saves time and money during refurbishment. TECHLAM is a porcelain tile of between 3 and 5 mm in thickness, which is versatile, durable and able to provide original solutions to all kinds of construction needs both inside and outside. Its formats, weight and composition provide architects, and interiors designer with new creative options. Its large size, up to 1x3 meters, and the hardness of its surface make it the ideal material for facades, both in refurbishing and new build projects, as well as for areas with high traffic. Its impermeable surface gives it anti-graffiti properties and it is also unaffected by sunlight. Its special composition allows it to withstand the different forces from external agents in a balanced way, offering a high degree of endurance against possible inclement weather, abrupt changes in temperature and severe climatic conditions. It is also resistant to flexion and is not affected by UV radiation, so ensuring its durability over time. In addition, its large dimensions ensure rapid installation that can also be carried out on pre-existing coverings, making it ideal for largescale projects, by reducing completion times. TECHLAM also meets all the hygiene requirements for use in aseptic areas as its size considerably reduces the area of joints between tiles, where bacteria multiply easily. It also provides practical solutions when carrying out interior design projects as for example when constructing and refurbishing hotels. TECHLAM’s versatility opens up new options for professionals in home interiors, as seen by the way this porcelain material has burst onto the kitchen sector as a new alternative for countertops. It is heat resistant. The exclusive technology used guarantees its durability and resistance to direct heat, so that the countertop retains its original look for years. Tables, kitchen furniture, doors, and even lifts are other examples of where the tile has been used in interiors. To respond to these needs, TECHLAM® has a wide range of colors, grouped together in nine collections: Steel, Basic, Vulcano, Hydra, Deco, Wood, Slate, Stone and Blaze. Last, but not least, TECHLAM is a 100% natural product, manufactured from non-petroleum based mineral raw materials. It can also be crushed and recycled in other production processes. Also, due to its thickness, less energy is used in its production than for a conventional tile. Its weight means more can be loaded in containers and on trucks, which also creates a saving in energy. Looking after it is also very simple and environmentally friendly as it can be cleaned just with water. All these characteristics have made it possible for TECHLAM® to get Greenguard certification that qualifies it as an environmentally friendly product.


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