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TPJ Vol8 - Issue1
TPJ Vol8 - Issue1
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In This Issue [1/2023]
Maurizio Sabini

Blue Urban Commons: A Cross-Examination of Water Bodies and Urban Informality
Taraneh Meshkani

Beyond Modernist Housing: 
Can the Mass Housing Model Accommodate Human Agency?
Nadia Shah

The Urban Forum Dialogue Tool: Reflecting on a Designerly Approach to Transdisciplinary Research
Sonia Curnier, Per-Johan Dahl, Lisa Diedrich, Andrea Kahn

Why the Energy Transition Needs Designers
Thomas Auer, Ulrike Andres, Wolfgang Fiel

Moss as a Multifunctional Material for Technological Greenery Systems
Valeria Marsaglia, Guido Brusa, Ingrid Paoletti

In Search of the New Eden. From Le Corbusier’s Boîte to Sejima’s Curtain
Javier Pérez-Herreras

The Meta-Project, Eisenman, and Capital: Lessons for Critical Architectural Practice
Cem S. Kayatekin, Ujal Gorchu, Mikhail Frantsuzov

Three Aspects of Nostalgia: Thoughts on the Work of Aldo Rossi
Edna Langenthal, Hagit Leshem

Reviews & Reports
Architecture in Times of Rebuilding
Ute Poerschke

Wet Architecture
Elizabeth Farrelly

Baukultur at the 18th Venice Biennale: The Davos Alliance Kick-off Meeting
Maurizio Sabini

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