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TPJ Vol7 - Issue1
TPJ Vol7 - Issue1
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In This Issue [1/2022]
Maurizio Sabini

Japanese Architecture Returns to Nature: Sou Fujimoto in Context
Botond Bognar

Urban Autophagy. A New Imaginary for Twenty-First Century Urban Growth
Hannibal Newsom

The Transparency Trilemma: Interrogating Transparency in Architectural Design
Matyas Gutai, Simon Richards, Aris Kafantaris

The Wall That Articulates: Characteristics and Operability in Space
Joana Pinheiro

Solar Technology Integration on Building Façades
Jong-Jin Kim

Topological Transmutation of the Urban Heat Island: Experimenting Ecological Urbanistic Intervention of Public Space in Toledo
Yong Huang

Design for COVID-19: Rethinking an American Campus and the Dilemma of the Second Wave
Aneesha Dharwadker

Dispersed Densification: A Solution to the London’s Housing Problem Using Small Sites
James Dunnett

The Adaptive Island: Proving Ground for Temporal Awareness in the Anthropocene
Dalia Munenzon, Kayci Gallagher

Urban Regeneration of Historic Italian Borghi after the Pandemic
Andrea Ponsi, Karin Templin

Reviews & Reports
Stories of Women Architects Who Made Their Mark
Caterina Padoa Schioppa

Microalgae Building Enclosures: Design and Engineering Principles
Daekwon Park

From Eco-Cities to Sustainable City-Regions: China’s Uncertain Quest for an Ecological Civilization
Robert J. Koester

“Carlo Roma 2020”: Architecture, City and Politics in Carlo Aymonino’s Legacy
Diana Carta


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