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TPJ Vol2 - Issue2
TPJ Vol2 - Issue2
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An Urgent Task Ahead
Maurizio Sabini

The Resilient Metamorphosis of Cities
Carlo Gasparrini

Other Than Infrastructure: Leaving Room for the Fantastical in the Resilient Project
Michael Jefferson, Suzanne Lettieri

“Polyvalent Adaptation”: Design in a Temporal Context of Uncertain High-Risk Futures
Alexander L. Ring

Integration of Habitat Grammars for Biodiverse and Resilient Coastal Structures
Keith Van de Riet, Jessene Aquino-Thomas, Pieter Conradie

MaterialNature: An Opportunistic Paradigm of Architecture and Landscape Ecology
Marcus Farr

North America
Territory and Technology: A Case Study and Strategy from the California Delta
Richard L. Hindle, Neeraj Bhatia

Between Land and Sea: An Approach for Resilient Waterfront Development along the San Francisco Bay
Gabriel Kaprielian

Groundedness as Risk: Adaptive Strategies for Ground Failures in Seattle
Arthur Tai-Ming Leung

Water-Born Micro-Cities: Bringing the Great Lakes Closer to Natural Symbiosis with Eco-Based Design
Dustin Altschul, Kim Buchholz

(Geo)Design Coastal Cities: Design with Data (and Nature too)
Ming-Chun Lee, José L.S. Gamez

Miami Rising: Historical Perspectives on Sea Level Rise as a View into the Future
Eric Firley, Victor Deupi

Salty Urbanism: Towards an Adaptive Coastal Design Framework to Address Sea Level Rise
Jeffrey E. Huber, Keith Van de Riet, John Sandell, Lawrence Scarpa

The SEA Is Coming: The Future of a Marine Research Facility
Ursula Emery McClure

Cidade Oceanico. Environment and Urbanization in Rio de Janeiro
José Gamez, Jeffrey S. Nesbit

Interrupted Atolls: Riskscapes and Edge Imaginaries in Tuvalu
Elizabeth Yarina, Shoko Takemoto

Climate Change Adaptations for Coastal Farms: Bridging Science and Mātauranga Māori with Art and Design
Martin Bryant, Penny Allan, Huhana Smith

Resilient Edges: Exploring a Socio-Ecological Urban Design Approach in Metro Manila
Stephen Gray, Mary Anne Ocampo

An Eco-Leap Forward: Shifting Agriculture
Xinyu Xiao, Hai Anh Nguyen

Connecting Water Resources across Political Borders: A Pearl River Delta Special Ecological Area
Jason F. Carlow, Ivan Valin, Stefan Al

Challenges of Disaster Relief Housing: Evaluating Coastal Domestic Typologies in Eastern Sri Lanka
Kira Bre Clingen, Mark Robert Bavoso

Mangroves of Maputo, Mozambique: from Threatened to Thriving?
Ana Beja da Costa, Luis Paulo Faria Ribeiro

Selective Retreat Scenarios for the Po River Delta
Roberto Di Giulio, Luca Emanueli,Gianni Lobosco, Emanuele Piaia, Marco Stefani

Design Strategies and Non-Standard Territories. The Resilience of the Domitian Coastline
Giovanni Multari

Fragile Edges and Floating Strategies along the Albanian Coastline
Loris Rossi, Laura Pedata, Enrico Porfido, Giuseppe Resta

Salinas: Interstices of the Urban, Cultural and Political Processes in Mediterranean Ecologies
Ana Morcillo Pallares

Between Land and Sea: Reshaping the Belgian Coastline A Case Study between Ostend and Blankenberge
Wim Wambecq, Bruno De Meulder

Waterscapes in Transformation: The Case of the Belgian Coastal Area
Sis Pillen, Kris Scheerlinck, Erik Van Daele


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