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Tim Lucas, Umberto Vallini, Kostas Bachas, kevin Flanagan

Price & Myers is a consulting civil and structural engineering practice established in London in 1978.
Our aim is to work with good imaginative architects to make excellent buildings. In our first 40 years we have completed over 26,000 jobs, and won over 680 awards; we also have offices in Nottingham and Oxford, and currently employ about 185 people. We became a Limited Liability Partnership in 2003.
Our work covers an unusually wide range, both in size and type.
Projects vary from minor alterations and extensions, to major new buildings and refurbishment projects, using the most recent developments in materials and construction techniques. We have advised on the repair and restoration of many historic buildings, and we have worked with some of the country’s leading architects on the design of many outstanding modern buildings. Our diverse project portfolio allows us to find the right solution for every job.
The point of everything we do is to get things built. Our designs require a complete knowledge of how elements will be made and put together. We apply the technical and logical engineering principles that underpin our profession creatively, to help architects and clients move their projects from concept to reality.

Blending cross-sector experience with market leading R+D, we pride ourselves on establishing a creative collaboration with clients, project teams and major stakeholders. We firmly believe that a collective drive for excellence creates innovative, elegant and agile designs. Our talented and international teams act as custodians for a sustainable built environment, working on grand heritage projects as well as bold new additions to urban and rural landscapes. Schemes range from city-changing masterplans to radical interior spaces and everything in between.
The studio’s collegiate design culture enables architects and designers across the practice to share knowledge, balancing creativity and client budgets for projects of the highest quality at every scale. Encompassing over 60 years of professional experience, Aukett Swanke has a network of over 400 staff in 13 studios across 6 countries: UK, Germany, Russia, Turkey, UAE, and Czech Republic. The studio’s expertise includes work in mixed-use, commercial office, hotel, retail, residential, education and healthcare sectors as well as workplace consulting.

We create an architecture that seeks to elevate the human experience through insight, collaboration, and design integrity.
We bring meaningful solutions to urban life, creating modern structures of clarity, beauty, and rigour, delivering a real and positive impact on people’s lives. At Orms, we believe that true innovation is not only in form, but in method. So, we listen. To clients, to each other, and to the individuals that live and work in our buildings. We like to start conversations, to educate and encourage debate, ensuring every voice is heard, and this insight informs our process, it is embedded into our designs, and realised in our structures.

PLP Architecture is a London-based group of architects, designers and thinkers who value the transformative role of ideas and the capacity for architecture to inspire. The practice is led by a group of partners including Lee Polisano, David Leventhal, Karen Cook and Ron Bakker, who formerly were in charge of KPF’s London office for over 20 years.
Although we draw from a rich history and experience of working together on projects around the world, we have a culture of a young start-up. We value innovation and creativity as we strive to test limits. We produce intelligent, exciting and groundbreaking designs through a continual commitment to social, economic and environmental ideals. The office shuns preconceptions, fixed architectural styles or methods, allowing each project to become a unique opportunity to research, analyse and creatively respond to the brief, site and context.
The foundation of our work lies in a commitment to the quality of life in the city, a delight in the handling of material, space and light and an optimism about architecture’s potential to enrich our society.

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