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Ebbe Wæhrens

BBP ARKITEKTER are passionate about creating durable architecture both artistic and technical. We aim for a spatial and tectonic clarity that releases the functional task with renewed energy and credibility. Through the processing of the projects, simplification takes place, so that the important thing is clear. In this way, our houses become characterful, rational and buildable. When we develop our projects we always think: What can the building give back to the surroundings? This applies both to houses in the city and to the landscape.
 We seek to assign a larger narrative to the building that gives importance to both the building and the place. The story is based on context and function. We analyze the potential of the site and add new layers to the existing one, where the new challenges the old so inspiring new wholes are formed.


Resta aggiornato sulle novità del mondo dell'architettura e del design

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