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Urban Design Ecologies
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Urban Design Ecologies
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Inclusive interiors is a series of studies that attempts to build the foundations of an adaptable environment, which may meet the need of intercultural dialogue determined by the current phenomena?of transnational migration. In doing that, it aims at outlining the most relevant architectural experimentations on collective?interiors, in order to? highlight the most innovative strategies and tools of "inclusive design" in this regard. For this reason, it collects multidisciplinary critical contributions focusing on the new spaces and architectures that respond to the change of the social sphere in a society marked by the intensification of the mobility of people as well as information. ?

Titolo: Urban Design Ecologies

Autore/Autori: Madalina Ghibusi, Federica Marchetti

Editore: Maggioli SpA

Anno di pubblicazione: 07/2018

Numero di pagine: 276

Collana: Politecnica

Serie: Inclusive Interiors

Tematica: Architettura

Lingua: Inglese

Codice ISBN: 8891627070

Codice EAN: 9788891627070

Madalina Ghibusi

Federica Marchetti

Resta aggiornato sulle novità del mondo dell'architettura e del design

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