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Transforming living spaces milan - Istanbul
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Transforming living spaces milan - Istanbul
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Organizations all over the world gather people and institutions about? interior? architecture? but? most? of these serve to unite professionals more than educ tors and students. However the future of the profession lies in education and more attention needstobepaidtoeducationalissues. To understand diverse cultures and approaches more profoundly and to locate themselves more specifically in the field of interior architecture, educational institutions need to build up partnerships so that they can work together and come up with remarkable outcomes. This book can be regarded as an experimental study to experience and compare two different institutional approaches (ITU and POLIMI) and diverse understandings in interior design research and education by focusing on similar problems. The sharing of all these diverse points of view and the recognition of multiplicities feed the platforms of discussion, and the practice of the discipline gains a multi-dimensional and enriched character. Another aspect to be underlined about interior design research, education and practice is its potential as the "follower of life" and the necessity of its involvement in public problems such as social housing, changes in social life etc. In this sense both approaches discussed throughout the book consider contemporary social problems by focusing on human space relationship concerning different societies with diverse cultural backgrounds.

Titolo: Transforming living spaces milan - Istanbul

Autore/Autori: Emilio Lonardo, Nilufer Saglar Onay

Editore: Maggioli SpA

Anno di pubblicazione: 06/2016

Numero di pagine: 206

Collana: Politecnica

Serie: Saggi

Tematica: Architettura

Lingua: Inglese

Codice ISBN: 8891615176

Codice EAN: 9788891615176

Emilio Lonardo
Emilio Lonardo is a designer that works on different fields, from interior design to strategic design, but he do also graphic and product projects. From 2013 he works with Politecnico di Milano and Poli.Design as tutor in practical courses and as teacher and tutor in the master in Urban Interior Design MUID. He has several national and international publications about design but also poetry.

Nilufer Saglar Onay
Nil?fer Saglar Onay is an associate professor at ITU Faculty of Architecture, where she received her B.Sc.(1999),? M.Sc.? (2001),? and? PhD(2010). She has been a visiting scholar at SUPSI, Switzerland in 2008, at UNIFI, Florence in 2010-2011, at POLIMI, Milan and POLITO, Turin in 2015-2016. She has contributed to several architectural projects and restoration projects in Istanbul. She has numerous national and international publications including journal articles, book chapters and conference papers. Her main research areas are public interior spaces, spatial evaluation models, residential interiors and adaptive re-use. Speaks Turkish, English and Italian.

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