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O-n 9 - The New Nighttime
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During the past thirty years, the night space of almost every major city changed dramatically, transforming from a state of mystified atmosphere filled with potential and adventure, to a state of dullness and boredom in which everything is expected. Technological development that occurred in this period and the period prior to it, brought in the emerging presence of light in the nighttime, occupying most of our public spaces. It is not the question whether the presence of light introduced such new conditions in night spaces of our cities or not, but the question is such presence of light designed to create dullness or it happened as a side effect of various different processes that occurred in recent urban design. What is clear, however, is that people have abandoned most valuable public spaces during nighttime, although such places are filled with people during daytime.The main goal of this work was to bring back the night to people.

O-n 9 - The New Nighttime
Milos Misovic
Maggioli SpA

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