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Smart environment and cllmate change management
Smart environment and cllmate change management
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Aimed at supporting and contributing to the advancement of the Smart Environment and Climate Change Management (SECCM) Master of science curriculum, this Textbook provides an overview in adaptation and mitigation solutions across a wide range of environmental subjects and disciplines for better improving knowledge and necessary skills in tackling climate change challenges. The Textbook has been designed in a way to help students and graduates to reach a more extensive, critical and deeper understanding of the study modules of SECCM. This work represents one of the most relevant deliverables of the AdapTM Project and it is expected that it could help, support and sustain the long-term durability of the SECCM Master Course in the next challenging years.

Titolo: Smart environment and cllmate change management

Autore/Autori: Riccardo Privitera , Toma Dabuleviciene

Editore: Maggioli SPA

Anno di pubblicazione: 03/2021

Numero di pagine: 151

Collana: Politecnica

Serie: Studi e Progetti

Tematica: Tecnologia

Lingua: Inglese

Codice ISBN: 8891643261

Codice EAN: 9788891643261

Riccardo Privitera
He is Research Fellow in Urban and Spatial Planning at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Catania (Italy). He holds a PhD degree in Urban Planning, taught Urban Design as a Lecturer in Architecture MSc programme and got the Italian National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor. He is member of the Italian Centre of Urban planning Studies and the European Land-use Institute, visiting academic Researcher at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning University of Sheffield (UK), visiting Professor at the Faculty of Science University of Alexandria (Egypt). He has been working on several urban local plans and European and UK projects. Among his scientific interests are included: green infrastructures, climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, ecosystem services, urban agriculture, real estate development processes, transfer of development rights and energy efficiency at urban scale. Based on these topics, he is author of more than fifty scientific publications.

Toma Dabuleviciene
She has recently (2019) obtained her PhD degree in the field of Ecology and Environmental Sciences and is now working on a Post-Doctoral research project "The role of coastal upwelling in the Baltic Sea ecosystem" as a Research Fellow at Klaipeda University, Marine Research Institute (Lithuania). She specializes in the application of satellite data-based information for environmental research and has already published several publications in high-ranking scientific journals, was involved in H2020, ESA, and Environmental Protection Agency projects. Her research area covers synergistic use of various Earth Observation data for detection and analysis of hydrophysical fronts and zones of enhanced biological productivity in the Baltic Sea with the main focus on the impact of coastal upwelling to the marine and transboundary ecosystems. Besides scientific work, she is also actively involved in a study process and educational projects at Klaipeda University

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