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Planning for Accessibility and Safety
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Planning for Accessibility and Safety
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The volume stems from the evidence that today's cities highly depend on mobility and deals with the inextricable link between urban and transport planning, focusing on Accessibility and Road Safety. Accessibility planning is mainly conceived as a solution to better integrate land uses with the transport system, satisfying people's expectations to easily reach the opportunities they wish to engage in. Road Safety, that represent a significant public health and economic problem, is also highly influenced by the urban form, and should be addressed using a system-wide planning approach. Accessibility and safety are deeply intertwined and complementary issues: accessibility should incorporate safety, to ensure that destinations are safely accessible by the users. On the other hand, accessibility enhancing strategies can contribute to limiting the exposure to road accidents risk by providing alternatives to car use to reach the desired activities. Therefore, having in mind that when talking about accessibility and safety in mobility there are three factors that interact with each other (road users, vehicles, and the urban environment), the volume presents three possible techniques to better address accessibility and safety in our cities: opinion surveys, GIS-based accessibility maps and in-field inspections.

Titolo: Planning for Accessibility and Safety

Autore/Autori: Silvia Rossetti

Editore: Maggioli SPA

Anno di pubblicazione: 09/2020

Numero di pagine: 206

Collana: Politecnica

Serie: Urbanistica

Tematica: Architettura

Lingua: Inglese

Codice ISBN: 8891643117

Codice EAN: 9788891643117

Silvia Rossetti
Engineer and PhD, she is currently Assistant Professor in Urban Planning at the Department of Engineering and Architecture (DIA) of the University of Parma, where she lectures 'Urban and Sustainable Planning' and 'City, Landscape and Regional Analyses'. Her research interests include Geographic Information Systems, Analysis of urban systems, Integration between urban planning and mobility, Accessibility and Road Safety.

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