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Loaded Void - second edition
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1956.? Falling Modernism and Arising Landscape Urbanism. The selected essays are related to the hermeneutical circle established between Europe and the U.S. after World War II. Radically changing the "geography" of architecture, this circle critically acts in the crisis of the Modern Movement. The year 1956 in particular sees the concurrence of specific conditions (Waldheim, 2009), which open up a Pandora's box in the research on the city: the "Urban Design Conference" at Harvard University; the CIAM of Dubrovnik; the exhibition This is Tomorrow; the Alba Congress; and Hilberseimer's projects in Detroit. These analytical lines mark a first step in the deformation process of the dominant systems activated in architecture from the beginning of the century. Landscape Urbanism is the latest step. Very promising, it reverses the circle's direction, introducing North American research into European knowledge. The book considers Theory as the new Practice. To take power away from reality in order to introduce a new modality in knowledge, prior to a new shape: this is the first aim of the texts collected in this theoretical anthology. In order to create infinite platforms of research about the city.

Loaded Void - second edition
Giacomo Ardesio, Mirko Andolina, Elisa Cattaneo
Maggioli SpA

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