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Innovative Design and Construction Technologies
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Ingrid Paoletti, 1974, is an architect and researcher of Technology of Architecture at the Building Environment and Science & Technology Department (BEST) at Politecnico di Milano where she teaches at the Faculty of Architecture. She is a member of the Scientific Com-mittee of the PhD Program in Design and Technology and of the board of the Department. She is mamber of the CIB Task Group 57 Industralization in Construction. The research activity is characterized by a Constant interest in deepening the role of technical innovation in architecture, with a particular regard to advanced digitai technologies and construction processes. She has written severa! books including Una finestra sul trasferimento. Tecnologie innovative per l'architettura, Libreria Clup, Milano, 2003 e Costruire le forme complesse - Building complex shapes, Libreria Clup, Milano, 2006, Dall'idea al cantiere, Hoepli, Milano, 2008. She collaborates continuously with maga-zines like Modulo, Costruzioni Metalliche, Frames, The Pian, Arketipo, and others. She is a collaborator of the editoria! board of II giornale dell'architettura directed by Carlo Olmo for the Technology section.

Innovative Design and Construction Technologies
Ingrid Paoletti
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