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O-n 15 - Hybrid Alps - A technological Anthropogeography
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The Mont Blanc area?The Alps are a hybrid territory constantly swinging between the image of being inaccessible and yet a metropolitan playground. Only since the last two centuries have they undergone large transformations that have repeatedly challenged the ?landscape as a theatre' in a violent way. The Alps have always existed in a system of relationships and we need them to regain centrality in the discourse through new exchanges with their own landscape and resources. A new identity that moves away from the necessity to recognize that the alpine territory is not a self-looking ?arcadia'. The alpine system is a vast territorial machine where the great infrastructural systems are strictly tied to the landscape they cross; in a reciprocal relationship. Living (in) the Alps therefore; to gain consciousness of the difficult conditions of this weak territory; abandoned or overwhelmed. The goal of this thesis dissertation is understanding the global value of the landscape not only from an aestethic point of view, but also in its ecologic and performative role. Landscape itself becomes an infrastructure. Then we need an hybrid and active recovering of this infrastructure. "In a sort of a urban hyper-modernity the alpine people will find again their identity of people who cross the borders"

O-n 15 - Hybrid Alps - A technological Anthropogeography
Mose Ricci, Alessandro Betta
Maggioli SpA

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