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OC - Open City Feeding the landscape Piacenza 2015
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BACKGROUND Contemporary Urban Landscapes The role of small and mediu m siz e cities in the era of globalization Carlos Garc?a Vázquez SECTION 1 OC OPEN CITY INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL?ISSUES Agriculture as key-factor in landscape's building Michele Roda Terra Firma. A ntinomies for a Scenery Lex icon Massimo Galluzzi Feed the soul - Change your mind - Build the landscape Paola Bracchi Designing the landscape: shifting in scale and blurring borders From the landscape in the city to the city landscape Roy Nash, Debora Magri Summer school as curator of contemporary architectu ral edu cation Doaa Salaheldin Ismail Elsayed Piacenza Diary Giuliana Bonifati, Martina Sogni PROJECTS OC Project areas and functional program Guya Bertelli The Atelier. Project as a research tool Paola Bracchi, Pasquale Mei Atelier 1 BAM - BREATHING AGRICOLTURAL MUSEUM BAM . Breathing agricu ltu ral mu seu m Sandro Rolla The agricultural platform as vibrant cultural spine Doaa Salaheldin Ismail Elsayed Agricultural Landscape ? "ReseArch" Introduction by Francesca Schepis Urban Landscape ? "Transforma( c) tion" Introduction by Alessandra De Gaetano Water Landscape ? "Know(l) edge" Introduction by Adriana Bernieri Simultaneous worlds. A museum six kilometres long: its roof is the sky; its walls are the town Luciana Macaluso Agricultural Landscape: "Osmotic Bounderies" Introduction by Cristiana Penna Urban Landscape: "Feeding the wall" Introduction by Moataz Samir Water Landscape: "Like a wunderkammer" Introduction by Flavia Zaffora Atelier 3 FEED THE FISH Feed the fish. How we are dealing with Earth? Roy Nash, Debora Magri Agricultural Landscape: "Stiching city nature" Introduction by Amin Amhed Elgharib Urban Landscape:"The Cube" Introduction by Domenico Fazzari Water Landscape: "Water as a new landscape device" Introduction by Ilaria La Corte SECTION 2 ASA - ADVANCED SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE W hat is ASA - Advanced School of A rchitecture ISSUES ?Water projects': the grammar of nature or the language of vision? Ottavio Amaro A city as a collection. Collection as a writing practice between art and architectu re Lina Malfona Collecta-scape: an atlas of visions Marina Tornatora PROJECTS - ASA A SA P roject areas and fu nctional program Guya Bertelli, Michele Roda, Juan Carlos Dall'Asta Agricultural Landscape# 1 ? "AGER. Agricultural landscape. The pattern" Introduction by Chiara Bertoli Agricultural Landscape# 2 - "Agricultural landscape. The threshold" Introduction by Chiara Locardi Urban Landscape# 1 - "Connective landmarks for the persistent urban landscape" Introduction by?Bruna Di Palma Urban Landscape# 2 - "Seeding the city. Landscape as a process" Introduction by Blagoja Bajkovski Water Landscape# 1 ? "Flumen. River-scape the labirinth" Introduction by Dario G iordanelli Water Landscape# 2 - "Vertigo, an urban collection" Introduction by Giovanni Carli

OC - Open City Feeding the landscape Piacenza 2015
Pasquale Mei, Paola Bracchi, Guya Bertelli
Maggioli SpA
Open City

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