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Architecture +/- digitalism
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Architecture +/- digitalism
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The advent of digital technology is deeply influencing architecture, not just in terms of new software modifying the ways of designing, but also in terms of how architecture and architectures are conceived and perceived by professionals and by the general public.
From the single artifact to the fabric of the city, the authors envisage a progressive dilution of the architectural practice within mechanical and dry digital tasks, and warn thus against a progressive loss of significance of the architectural element in its human-centered aspects. The book then proposes a critical approach arguing the need to take ownership of the architectural process again and to reconsider digital software and programs as tools of architecture rather than subjects of the architectural experience.

The style “Architecture”
Architecture is art
Understanding the current situation
The question of style
Houses and monuments
Amplifying the detail
Politics of digital urbanity
The web or the square
The virtualisation of the public
Digital urbanity: a delusional story
Politics of (un)ironic utopias
The Image over the city
The fabrication of the window city
Towards a physical digitalism

Titolo: Architecture +/- digitalism

Autore/Autori: Angelo Bugatti, Andrea Bosio

Editore: Maggioli Spa

Anno di pubblicazione: 03/2023

Numero di pagine: 162

Collana: Politecnica

Serie: Saggi

Tematica: Architettura

Lingua: Inglese

Codice ISBN: 91655943

Codice EAN: 9788891655943

Angelo Bugatti
International Key Researcher for Tongji University College of Architecture and Urban Planning – Urban and Architecture Theory & Criticism Lab. Architect, author of several publications and architectural works including houses, squares, public sites and restorations. Former president of the Double Degree Program in Building Engineering/Architecture and Full Professor in Architectural Composition and Urban Design, Advisory Professor of Tongji University. Reviewer and member of editorial boards of International Journals of architecture and urban development. His research interest includes the renewal of urban design and architectural expressions for future living and working modalities. His latest published book is Ways of recovering (Maggioli, 2020)

Andrea Bosio
Architect and Phd based in Milan. He conducted his studies at Politecnico of Milano, Italy, and was awarded a Phd in Architecture from Griffith University, Australia. He has since been working in Milan as an architec focusing on residential buildings, luxury hotels and interior renovations. He conducts research as an independent researcher through an interdisciplinary approach with a particular interest in the architecture of the city, urban design and architectu ral theory and critique.

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