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O-n 11 - 2200 A.D. Plug-In Space: Technology, Nature, Mobility
Copia Cartacea
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The idea of utopia not as abstract model but as an absolute form in reality and against the reality. The usage of the utopian project to address the future as it used to happened in the XIX century when utopia was active politically and not only metaphorically. Formalized and decisive thought which, not finding immediate application in contemporaneity, is often re-actualized. In this way it does not die along with the society which generated it but it is transformed into heritage finding application in successive times. Utopia, objectively based on world's dynamism. Exactly as E. Bloch's defined the bond between hope and utopia: definitions no more heterodirect towards the future but rather concentrated in the potentiality of the present, as practice projected in the history and able to modify it towards an ethically made humanity. E. Bloch shows how man's anticipating conscience, its capacity to anticipate projects with the power to push forward the historical development, occurs in both small historical forms such as dreams and aspirations that characterize daily life, the fantasy world of fairy tales, the social utopias and in the great religious and philosophical conceptions. In all these forms of man's anticipatory consciousness, the fundamental element is hope, which is not something purely subjective, but a real aspect of human being's concrete development.?Being is not in fact ontologically definable in its immediate static and crystallization but the real, vital being is not-being-yet.?Even when M. Foucault writes about heterotopia, he refers to a game of mirrors, which reflects between the real and a possible imaginary.

O-n 11 - 2200 A.D. Plug-In Space: Technology, Nature, Mobility
Debora Vermi , Gianluca Finetti
Maggioli SpA

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