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Studio Odile Decq

Between two rivers, the renovation of those docks is starting a new story: the bank for arts. New programs dedicated to the culture, to relax and to walk, keeping the link and the imaginary with the industrial history of the site. Except the reconversion of the ancient building, the new one takes into account the aerial steel structures.

In this context, the objective was to build an Offices Building including an exhibition space open to the public on the ground floor and the mezzanine, whilst the offices run from floor 1 to 4, ending at the top with a roof terrace partially accessible, and a basement car park on the lower level, all connected by 4 elevators and 1 central stares case.

Suspended on huge double crossing beams on the fourth floor over three strong pylons in the atrium, the two parallelepiped volumes of the building are shifted at 86°. The...

15.00 €

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