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Perspective USA, International Architecture Forum: 
70 Businesses attending, 
more than 250 attendees from all over the US, 
more than 500 One-to-One Business Meetings 
more than 40 Architecture Talks.

Following the success of Perspective Europe, the International Architecture and Business Forum founded in 2010 and held every year in Venice, Italy, THE PLAN launched the first Perspective USA in New York in 2014.
Thanks to THE PLAN’s close ties with major American architecture firms, Perspective USA provides a unique platform for businesses seeking a sound entry point into the US market or wanting to strengthen their market position. The international renown of America’s top architecture practices also means they are excellent stepping-stones to emerging markets like South America, Asia and the Middle East. Perspective USA offers a unique opportunity to develop new relations, get insights into new worlds, and open up new business and R&D prospects.
The broad knowledge base THE PLAN has developed over the years brings together the very best on the market: renowned architecture practices and business operators at the cutting edge of research and quality production in their field. Attended by around 70/80 premier architecture firms, the two-day event will be organized into one-to-one business meetings flanked by lectures, panel discussions and technical workshops. There will be more informal moments too - always key networking opportunities. The exclusive, relaxing setting of the Hyatt Hotel will make this a meeting to remember.
One-to-one Business Meetings will allow participants to illustrate who they are, what they do, and explore the real possibilities of working together. Workshops will give manufacturers an opportunity to show their latest research and innovation to architects. The Panel Discussions and evening lectures will be further opportunities to get insightful information on the architecture and construction scene.
Perspective USA is a great chance for manufacturers eager not simply to showcase a product but start the sort of dialogue that builds solid business relations geared to providing integrated architectural and design solutions. The Forum is also an opportunity to hear from architects about new architecture and design trends likely to impact the market. The aim is to provide an invaluable ‘trend service’ briefing on what the future holds.

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