Wellbeing, water, and warmth on show at Supersalone 2021
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Wellbeing, water, and warmth on show at Supersalone 2021

All the latest wellness and bathroom products – including for spas and chromotherapy – unveiled in Milan

Wellbeing, water, and warmth on show at Supersalone 2021
By Editorial Staff -
Fima Carlo Frattini, Gessi, Starpool, Effe, Fantini Rubinetti have participated in the project

Despite their incredible variety and disparate personalities, the new bathroom and wellness products presented at Milan’s Supersalone del Mobile in early September all pointed to a return to pure, essential lines, but without sacrificing a strong modern edge and, in some cases, even futuristic designs. In short, they were a tribute to both simplicity as well as innovation and modernity.


Wellness by nature: the essence of Gessi

Magnolias, birds of paradise, red lilies, and leafy undergrowth are the ideal place to camouflage tapware and outdoor shower collections. Particularly if they’re all colored green. This isn’t some painting I’m describing but the installation presented at the Supersalone by Gessi – The Private Wellness Company to underscore the fundamental connection between nature and human wellbeing. This philosophy has always driven the firm to focus on psycho-physical wellbeing and protecting the planet. And they’ve translated the vision into explosions of colors, different design styles, and numerous collections. The products on show at Supersalone included tapware from the Goccia, Cono, Gessi316, Mimi, Rilievo, and many other ranges. But the real stars of the show were the outdoor showers with incorporated lights. The addition of a luminaire not only adds a high-tech touch to the product but also makes it usable for chromotherapy. A pioneering model, in other words, including for its multispray shower head and its ring-style control with a tone-on-tone or contrasting finish. It also incorporates the peace of mind of polished and brushed grade 316 stainless steel, which is suitable for outdoor settings.

The Salone del Mobile formed the backdrop to a streamed event titled Venti20: The Rebirth of the Roaring Twenties, for the release of a new collection inspired by the enthusiasm and optimism of the 1920s. This new series of faucets has been designed to enhance the home through the uniqueness and simplicity of single colors, such as the nickel and warm bronze finishes, “so as to give room to the imagination and richness to life’s private rituals.” The collection plays a game of contrasts between slender, curved lines – as in the case of the high washbasin – and smooth and knurled surfaces. An eclectic style reminiscent of art deco that transforms essential products into works of art.


Yoku Spa from Effe Perfect Wellness by Effegibi: much more than just a shower

One of the aims of the new wellness system designed by Italian firm Effe Perfect Wellness is to recreate the original, authentic experience of a sauna and hammam in the home, hotels, and resorts. The new Yoku Spa, a natural extension of the previous Yoku Sh, is a personal and personalized wellness center in a single solution, centered around a large shower. While in the earlier version the shower was integrated into the sauna section, in the latest generation, the 12-inch (30 cm) shower head occupies its own space, complete with a hand-held shower.

The three wellness rituals linked to heat and water are enhanced by the sensation of being in a towering forest, which is the effect created by the architectural elements in natural wood, rhythmically spaced and growing slender towards the top, which also give the line its name. The inspiration does, in fact, come from a branch of Japanese natural medicine known as shinrin-yoku (forest bathing), which centers on the beneficial effects of being immersed in nature, including such things as lowering anxiety levels and improving breathing and relaxation.

Besides this underlying philosophy, the links to the previous Yoku Sh can also be seen in the renewed use of set-back bronze-tinted toughened glass windows, which can be customized with an open bookcase equipped with shelves in oxidized sheet steel. The new model also has the same high-performance natural wood panels, available in heat-treated aspen, heat-treated solid wood, and walnut versions, with natural wood slats used for the sauna and a stoneware finish for the Turkish bath and shower. All materials are environmentally friendly or sourced from sustainable forests.


Wellness Coach: the virtual guide to everyday wellness from Starpool Wellness Concept

Every pause you take during the day is a chance for health, wellness, and restoring body and mind. And you don’t need to go to a health spa. Being at home, or even in the office, will do. Wellness Coach by Starpool breaks down all the barriers with its five guided mindfulness meditations created by neuroscientist Nicola De Pisapia, five breathing techniquesdeveloped by world freediving record holder Andrea Zuccari, and a selection of music tracks intended to bring you closer to the rhythms of nature.

This virtual trainer can also be used by athletes, in recovery management, as well as simply to improve concentration. Plus, thanks to its versatility and height-adjustable pedestal, it can be easily moved and even be used for organizing entertainment events. Either way, the objective is to achieve the only true measure of wellness – the one that involves the mind.


The new Flò collection from Fima Carlo Frattini: a sinuous, elegant design


The two special events held at Supersalone by tapware manufacturer Fima Carlo Frattini both placed the emphasis on design and elegance. The first was the presentation of the new Flò collection and the second was an exclusive preview of the innovative Switch On Line, which has grown out of the existing Switch collection of shower products.

Flò sets out to bring balance to opposites – elegance and durability, ease of use and innovation – all brought together in sinuous, elegant designs. And the designs can be customized with ten elegant finishes, ranging from plated versions (chrome, black chrome, brushed black chrome, brushed nickel, gold, and brushed gold) to copper and bronze, and matte black and white.

All the parts of the mixer work together to create a feeling of simplicity and softness, starting from the lever itself, the heart of the design, which, with its sliding action and slender lines, communicates a visual lightness. The same is true of its body, which tapers downwards without a base – an innovation that simplifies both installation and cleaning.Another feature is the mixing cartridge, which, thanks to its special cap, remains hidden, ensuring that nothing detracts from the overall design while making cleaning easier.

Flò, described by its maker as an ode to sinuosity and the magic of water, is also available in a low water consumption version, reflecting the company’s commitment to the environment.

Small in size but with enormous potential, Switch On is the natural evolution of the Switch shower system, designed by Davide Vercelli. A round, one-of-a-kind button is the only sign that the technology hidden inside the recessed control block is another step forward on previous model. This has made it possible to significantly reduce the dimensions and create an essential, minimal design that’s also suitable for small spaces.

A range of options is available with Switch On, starting with four different solutions for washbasins, one for bidets, two recessed shower units, and a recessed bathtub model. The washbasin models, recessed into the wall, have a button on the on/off plate, with two knurled knobs for adjusting the water flow and temperature. The booster knob ensures a constant flow of water, which therefore optimizes water use according to the comfort and flow level, while the thermostatic knob ensures precise hot-cold control without wasting energy. The quite broad knurling creates a contrast with the surrounding smooth surfaces while providing a comfortable ergonomic grip.

The color palette of this new collection includes all the shades of Flò, with plenty of options for creating different combinations and soft touch finishes.


Sailing by Fantini Rubinetti: a collection inspired by boats on Lake Orta

Lake Orta, the small, tranquil cousin of Lake Maggiore with it picturesque villages and ancient fishing marinas, is the source of inspiration for Fantini’s new tapware collection Sailing, designed by Yabu Pushelberg. With the design, this North American studio, focused on brand identity development, is celebrating the essence of place by reinterpreting the shape of a boat’s cleat – that is, the hardware on a boat’s deck used for securing ropes. In fact, this image is the defining element of the product line.

The design of the knobs transforms this functional piece of nautical hardware into an elegant and essential element. “We wanted to emulate the lake’s essence as a tranquil retreat,” say designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, “as well as the intensity of a day spent on its crystalline water.”

Its light, clean design, tapered edges, and matt gun metal PVD finish make Sailing ideal for both domestic bathrooms as well as corporate and hospitality settings. Different versions are available for bidets (either attached to the wall or the unit), showers, and tubs with showers. All of them feature the same bold linear design.

Photos are courtesy of Gessi, Effe, Starpool, Fima Carlo Frattini, Fantini Rubinetti

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