TUUCI Parasols for the Gran Hotel Miramar
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TUUCI Parasols for the Gran Hotel Miramar

TUUCI Parasols for the Gran Hotel Miramar
By Redazione The Plan -

The impressive art nouveau palace, originally designed by architect Fernando Guerrero Strachan, is situated on the beach of Malagueta/Málaga in Spain and, since 2016, has been accommodating the Gran Hotel Miramar. 85 TUUCI parasols are used in the hotel’s 9,000 sq. m of outdoor area: 20 Ocean Master Pagoda models are lined up around the pool, on patios and balconies, the Bay Master Classic model provides soothing shade. The Ocean Master Pagoda is defined by its exclusive style and by the unique design of its canopy that ends in a cone-shaped apex. It is supported by a mast made of a polished and corrosion-proof aluminum alloy of marine-grade quality that is extremely weatherproof. “It is because of their innovative and unique design that we have decided to use TUUCI parasols for the pool area”, says interior designer Aneta Mijatovic from the Spanish architectural studio Seguí. “The parasols feature a modern, unique and fresh, but also elegant, look. They are made of high‐end materials and are excellently manufactured and finished, so that we were able to create the look we had in mind. This is especially true for the Pagoda models, which, with their elegant lines, are both a real eye-catcher and an excellent match for the hotel’s impressive art nouveau façade”.
Furthermore, 65 Bay Master Classic parasols from TUUCI provide soothing shade in the bar and restaurant area, as well as on some of the patios. They are very durable thanks to their simple shapes and strong aluminum struts. All parasols feature hexagonal canopies with borders. Some of the fabrics are blue with white accents, others are white with blue accents, resulting in a fascinating visual effect. The prestigious building has a colourful history, counting celebrities such as Elisabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner, Jean Cocteau, Orson Welles and Ernest Hemingway among its guests. “We have restored all elements worthy of being preserved. Regarding the remaining rooms, we decided to update their design and to modernize the features so that the hotel can offer its guests contemporary functionality and comfort”, says Aneta Mijatovic.

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