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Quellenhof See Lodge

Transparent Connections
By Editorial Staff -
Finstral has participated in the project

Conceived as a wellness oasis devoted to tranquility, this recently opened hospitality facility in the heart of San Martino in Passiria, in the province of Bolzano, nestles in the alpine landscape while also conveying evident references to tropical paradises.

Quellenhof See Lodge is a five-star resort offering a limited number of suites and villas on stilt-inspired structures that appear to float on the surface of a 4,500-sq. m lake (in which guests may swim). The buildings’ low height enables the diffuse dwelling units to fit into the valley’s gentle lines. The property offers 21 suites, five of which have direct access to the body of water, plus four cottages with a private pool, Finnish sauna, loungers and a hammock suspended over the water. A sense of relaxation pervades all rooms, fostered by close contact with nature, from the lobby to the bedrooms, and on to the yoga and fitness rooms. As well as sporting large custom-made windows and doors, blending with the outdoor solariums, pools, and walkways, all bedrooms are customized.

Quellenhof See Lodge © zulupictures, courtesy Quellenhof See Lodge

The Dorfer family hired Planstudio Pederiva as architectural designers for the entire resort. Archifaktur was in charge of the dining area, classic suites and indoor pool; Createlier designed the spa area, wellness center and relaxation areas.

Teaming up with Finstral, a Bolzano-based European leader in manufacturing windows, doors and window frames, including custom-made specimens as in this case, was a vital part of the project. An ad hoc solution was found for each room: just two windows in the entire complex are the same. The leading-edge products used on this project manifest modern styling and sophisticated design, while the nearly invisible profiles and concealed doors guarantee excellent insulation performance.

Quellenhof See Lodge © zulupictures, courtesy Quellenhof See Lodge

Fixed and opening windows were installed in the bedrooms to ensure sufficient light and ventilation. An all-glass FIN-Vista solution, catering to a desire for maximum transparency, fosters meditation on surrounding nature in the yoga room.

FIN-Slide lift-and-slide patio doors, recently renewed with an extra-thin sash, were installed in the villas and fitness room, just one of the places to exercise and a cornerstone of the hotel’s wellness offering. The ability to customize finishes down to the last detail, combining esthetics and performance, was another important factor.


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