"Thinking different!": Superdesign Show 2024
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“Thinking Different”: shattering molds at Superdesign Show

Organized by Superstudio and taking place in the Tortona Design District during Milano Design Week, April 16–21, the 2024 edition presented to the press

"Thinking different!": Superdesign Show 2024
By Editorial Staff -
Mirage, Pna - Pietra Naturale Autentica, Officinarkitettura have participated in the project

Shattering molds, cross-pollinating local traditions with the global dimension, and envisaging new domestic, urban, and social models, the next edition of Superdesign Show, scheduled for April 16–21, 2024, will be themed “Thinking DifferentEverything, Everywhere, Everyone.”

Superdesign Show, the iconic Tortona Design District event, is returning this year during Milano Design Week to Superstudio Più (Via Tortona 27), with the participation of eleven nations from three continents, over 80 companies, and almost 40 projects.

Mirage, Glocal collection Courtesy of Superstudio

Revisited traditions, virtual worlds, humanized technologies, respect for nature, regenerated materials, inclusive choices, ethics, and aesthetics – Superdesign Show 2024 will look at all these topics. It will begin with the question “Why Not?” which graphic artist Daniele Cima is examining in an exhibit comprising 42 images with translations into all the languages of the world.

Superdesign Show is a project by Gisella Borioli, with artistic direction by Giulio Cappellini and coordination by Laura Vella. One of the most important events of Fuorisalone, it’s an unmissable meeting place for designers, companies, and enthusiasts, a window on the latest trends and future visions of international design, and a place to discuss today’s key issues.

PNA - Pietra Naturale Autentica Courtesy of Superstudio


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Things to see at Superdesign Show 2024

Safeguarding our planet will be one of the main themes of Superdesign Show 2024. The installation PNA–Pietra Naturale Autentica will celebrate the intrinsic link between humans and nature. Mirage, a company specialized in porcelain stoneware, combines Italian manufacturing excellence with an approach built on environmental sustainability.

Domenico Cugliari will present, in collaboration with Simone Guidarelli, Souvenirs de Voyage, an installation where decorative motifs will invade furnishings and walls. The focus will be on two wallpapers from the new Simone Guidarelli collection, entirely hand-drawn and printed on 100% eco-friendly paper.

Lexus will participate with an interactive installation entitled Time, which comprising the works Beyond the Horizon by Hideki Yoshimoto/Tangent with music composed by Keiichiro Shibuya, and 8 Minutes and 20 Seconds by Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel.

Simone Guidarelli per Officinarkitettura, Souvenirs de Voyage Courtesy of Superstudio

NichelcromLab will be showcasing the site-specific installation Like Trees in the Wood by sculptor Michele D’Agostino – a forest of oaks reflected to infinity by mirrored stainless steel surfaces surrounding the trees.

Designer Mara Bragagnolo also chose wood to create a collection of kids’ furniture, designed especially for children with autism. Dubbed NOOK, this is a project all about diversity and inclusion.

Mara Bragagnolo, NOOK, Everyone Desk Courtesy of Superstudio

A series of carbon fiber products feature in Karbony’s installation, all of them based on the lightness of interwoven geometric patterns, and an interplay of light and shade.

The idea of combining tradition and innovation fueled the installation A Hundred BlackNero 100 by Kawashima Selkon Textiles, which offers a vision of the legacy and development of traditional and modern techniques, and the expanding possibilities offered by fabrics, beginning with the Nishijin Textile Center in Kyoto.

Karbony, lampadario Planetario e sgabello Nassa Photo by Emanuele Tortora, Courtesy of Superstudio

And the number of Asian countries participating in Superdesign Show continues to grow. Tokyo will be showcasing its culture in Tokyo Creative Salon, while Slow Hand Design Thailand by DITP is placing the spotlight on Thai culture.

Artist Rafael Lanfranco is celebrating his origins with Peruji, which transplants Peruvian archetypes into the modernity of pop art, while ten Czech artists are giving life to an installation of glass objects dubbed Designblok Cosmos.


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All images courtesy of Superstudio

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