The Studio Louvre rests solidly at the core of the Museum
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The Studio Louvre rests solidly at the core of the Museum

Serving patrons as an educational and training hub

h2o architectes

The Studio Louvre rests solidly at the core of the Museum
By Editorial Staff -

The Studio Louvre designed by h2o architectes in Paris, France is a creative adaptive reuse of space. The new 1,200 sq. m area is located on level -1 of the Richelieu aisle, and it connects two spaces: the forum, a place for conviviality and exchange where the visitors are invited to discover the workshops, get information or rest, and the educational space itself, with nine training rooms. The Studio Louvre is a place where adults and children can learn more about the museum’s artworks and develop their own artistic skills.


Space transformed

Originally a storage room of the Islamic art department, the Studio Louvre is a space transformed to provide a venue for exhibitions, lectures, workshops and lounging for both children and adults. Juxtaposed across from the Great Gallery this project boasts of its vaulted ceilings, stands, picture rails and shelving. There is an expansive wooden base and white backdrop that is punctuated with fenestration to encourage views between the rooms. Additionally, curved walls organically create places for gathering and learning. The Studio will supplement the guided tours, storytelling activities and special weekend events offered by the museum, and its opening has triplied the surface area dedicated to workshops and training. The numerous and varied activities cater for everyone – families, school groups, students and professionals – and are included in the museum admission ticket. The workshop programmes will be changed every three months.



Location: Paris, France

Architect: h2o architectes

Structures: Équilibre structures
Lighting design: Agence On
Acoustic: ABC Decibel
Fire prevention and safety: CASSO & Associés

Photography by Maxime Verret courtesy of h2o architectes

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