THE PLAN 138, the third issue for 2022
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THE PLAN 138, the third issue for 2022

THE PLAN 138, the third issue for 2022
By Editorial Staff -

Highlights of THE PLAN 138, the third issue of 2022, include an editorial by Philip Jodidio, the Viaggio in Italia column by Valerio Paolo Mosco, and the Highlights section, which is dedicated to Lake Huron House in Ontario, designed by AA Robins Architect. The issue also features a college in the US, a subterranean wine cellar, a center for the performing arts, and much more.

The cover photo is the Glorya Kaufman Performing Arts Center, designed by AUX Architecture, with photography by Nic Lehoux.


Philip Jodidio’s editorial, entitled "A Review of the Stars," is a journey through the work of today’s starchitects. Jodidio looks at how, since the 16th century, architects distinguished themselves through their particular styles to the point that, in the 1990s, they earned the name of starchitects. Since then, though, there’s been a certain return to earth. On the one hand, the article highlights the false illusions of the architecture-sculpture and the Bilbao Effect, and, on the other, it examines the value of the big names, since it’s thanks to them that architecture retains its vibrancy.

The Highlights section focuses on Lake Huron House. Designed by AA Robins Architect, the home is distinguished by the visual and spatial connections between its different levels, especially the view of the swimming pool, which directly overlooks the double-height living room, from the internal window in the ceiling.


In Valerio Paolo Mosco’s column, Viaggio in Italia (which gave birth to the magazine of the same name), he looks at Iascone & Partners, with an in-depth study of its design of Vivolo’s headquarters in San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna.

Still in Italy, LPzR architetti associati designed the PAT1 residential building in Milan, a veritable instruction manual on how energy efficiency and design can coexist if supported by technical knowledge.

The Interior section focuses on an apartment in Campo Grande, Brazil, that’s all about hospitality, with its spaces and furnishings designed by FCstudio to create warm, welcoming environments.


Landscape design and architecture come together in the Chateau Haut-Bailly winery, designed by Agence Romeo Architecture. This subterranean cellar seems to emerge from out of the gently undulating landscape of Nouvelle-Aquitaine in France, a region famous for its winemaking tradition.

In Maine, the Davis Center for Human Ecology at the College of the Atlantic showcases the holistic approach taken by Susan T Rodriguez | Architecture Design, and is now a potential model for the design of high schools in the United States.


Moving from Maine to Virginia, the Church Hill North Community Hybrid, designed by O’Neill McVoy Architects, is a mixed-use building that combines residential accommodation and community spaces, including a cooking school and a coworking space with a restaurant.

THE PLAN 138 concludes with a look at the Glorya Kaufman Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, the work of AUX Architecture. The center is designed to accommodate an innovative program of dance, music, and theater, but also includes teaching areas.

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