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The Outsider 06

The sixth issue of the Euramax magazine

The Outsider 06
By Editorial Staff -
Euramax Coated Products has participated in the project

The sixth stop in The Outsider’s tour of the world of architectural envelopes and coil coatings is Belgium and Luxembourg. Overflowing with projects, the issue continues the magazine’s successful approach of providing a wide-ranging look at architecture, including schools, sports complexes, prestigious corporate headquarters, residential and commercial buildings, and even the headquarters of important national and international governmental organizations, including NATO and the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. And this issue features numerous projects, introducing readers to visionary and unconventional architecture created with Euramax’s expertise.

Outsider 06

Like every issue, The Outsider 06 opens with an interview with a leading architect who works in the country the issue focuses on, understands its architecture, and knows its hidden secrets. In the interview, John Eyers, CEO of Jaspers-Eyers Architects, discusses his studio’s vision, his relationship with materials and architectural forms, the principles that inspire his team, and his favorite architecture in Belgium.

Outsider 06

The Outsider 06 also features an important technical discussion of engineered coil coatings, while also offering further insights into coatings so readers can learn about techniques, production processes, and what makes Euramax coatings unique.

So, let Euramax take you further on this journey to discover Belgium and Luxembourg, their most extraordinary and futuristic architecture, their hidden gems, and the most advanced coil coating techniques – the ones that have made it possible to create truly unique and unconventional projects.


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The Outsider 06
The Outsider 06

For the sixth stop on its tour, The Outsider moves to Belgium and Luxembourg, two countries with some of the most challenging projects that Euramax has worked on. The sixth issue of the magazine features some of the most advanced coil coating... Read More

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