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The Outsider 04

The fourth issue of the Euramax magazine

The Outsider 04
By Editorial Staff -
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In its fourth issue, The Outsider 04 travels across the English Channel, taking the reader on a voyage of discovery to Great Britain, plus a small detour to Ireland. Euramax has worked on projects across all fields in this part of the world. This issue consequently features sports stadiums, mixed-use residential and commercial complexes, racetracks, student halls, cinemas, urban redevelopment projects, and much, much more.

Our guide on this journey is the founder of one of the country's most renowned and internationally acclaimed firms, winner of numerous architectural awards (including the RIBA Award), John McAslan, of John McAslan + Partners, who wrote the introduction.

The Outsider 04

Once again, the magazine features a brief architectural guide and tips for off-the-beaten-track visits in the featured country. For the UK, this encompasses complexes carved out of old disused shipping containers, starred restaurants, hotels, museums, spas and many other unexpected places on our unique sightseeing tour.

The Outsider 04 technical section presents and explores current technical regulations in Great Britain on fire resistance classes for architectural envelopes, and the technical specifications of Euramax's specific fire-resistant products.

The Outsider 04

The Outsider 04 offers technical insight into Transparent Elegance, another product much-loved by designers, a unique coating with a transparent finish that allows a glimpse of the underlying aluminum in its natural state while at the same time triggering endless color effects customizable for each project.

We hope you enjoy this latest leg of our journey into the world of Euramax and Great Britain’s marvelous sites, hidden jewels, and the historic/contemporary architecture that is bringing the nation into the world of tomorrow.

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