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The Outsider 02

The second issue of the Euramax magazine

The Outsider 02
By Editorial Staff -
Euramax Coated Products has participated in the project

The Outsider’s journey continues: after the Netherlands, Issue no. 2 takes readers on a trip to Germany.

In this issue, A journey to... showcases art galleries, secret gardens, industrial complexes transformed into amusement parks, ancient castles, buildings whose facades are made out of hedgerows, plus a host of other places, secret spots and curios in Berlin in particular, and elsewhere in Germany.

The Outsider 02 explores a number of projects Euramax and the EuramaxLab team have been passionate about recently.

The issue opens with an introduction from famous German architect Stefan Behnisch of Behnisch Architekten, offering readers a direct entree into the experience. In his interview, the architect tells us about his design philosophy, his relationship with architectural envelopes and materials, and his favourite projects. He also shares suggestions about what architecture to see and places to visit in his home country.

Browsing through The Outsider, readers see how the EuramaxLab team has risen to fascinating challenges across a wide variety of projects: shopping malls, police stations, university departments, manufacturing plants, community centers... Page after page, the magazine reveals the potential of the company’s products, and the support the EuramaxLab team provides to meet every project’s needs.

This issue takes a look at another Euramax flagship product, Anodized Look, a line of pre-coated finishes that offers a great alternative to anodized aluminium.

All that’s left is to enjoy your architectural exploration of Germany, its hidden gems and the projects Euramax, a unique company always striving to innovate, has worked on there.

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