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The Outsider 01

The first issue of the Euramax magazine

The Outsider 01
By Editorial Staff -
Euramax Coated Products has participated in the project

The Outsider 01 is the first issue of the Euramax magazine, from a world leader in metal coating.
The Outsider is a journey into the world of architecture: in fact, a series of journeys as readers discover Euramax through the projects it has been involved in throughout Europe and around the world. The magazine is also a mini-guide to architecture, in each issue exploring a different geographical region. Alongside articles on Euramax’s products, readers discover each country’s latest, sometimes hidden and often unusual architectural innovations.


Every journey begins with an interview of a famous architect working in that country. The launch issue, The Outsider 01, begins in Euramax’s Netherlands “home”, with the company’s products taking us into every corner of the country, from the major cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam to the northern coasts of Makkum.
Francine Houben, founding partner of Mecanoo, presents her architectural vision in an interview dedicated to her work and her relationship with architectural facades.
The Outsider invites readers into Euramax’s world, raising awareness about this company with enormous potential, as in project after project it strives to create products tailored to its clients and their architectural needs through its team of Architect Advisors.


Euramax’s unique approach sets it apart: the company’s vision extends outside the box, embracing the world of metal envelopes in the round, approaching each project with surgical precision and quality craftsmanship, and offering its services as a problem-solver to address all architectural envelope design challenges.

The Outsider is a different kind of journey: one that explores the world of coil coating and its ability to add color to architecture, revealing a unique company and its desire to push the envelope.

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