The Emotion of Light: Mediterranean-inspired products
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The Emotion of Light: Mediterranean-inspired products

The Emotion of Light: Mediterranean-inspired products
By Editorial Staff -

The Mediterranean is not only beaches and sea – a melting pot of cultures, colors, materials and craftsmanship, it was the inspiration behind Il Fanale’s new catalogue entitled The Emotion of Light. An exploration that begins in the Venetian lagoon, in the Veneto region where the company was founded in 1979 moved by a great passion for light of Fausto and Luisa Dalla Torre. The fil rouge travels through different countries and warm climates, where light caresses the material, offering new sensations and emotions. The Made in Italy character of the company is the expression of their mission to handmade high-quality lighting fixtures. A goal that has been achieved thanks to the use of noble materials like brass, copper and glass and a special oxidation process that remains a secret passed on within the family.

Among the new collections, the book presents Lanterne Slim – designed by DT Studio as wall lamp and floor models – a new reinterpretation of the company’s classic outdoor lantern, made more minimal thanks to the cleanliness of the profiles and the absence of closing glasses. The same studio designed Dew, a new drop-shaped lamp with simple and contemporary lines; the different models available make it suitable for creating different suspended compositions. 
Furthermore, some of Il Fanale’s previous collections have been enriched with new items such as Drop and Bloom, with new wall installation; Girasoli, with a fully adjustable spotlight; London, with new cylindrical and half-cylindrical shapes; and finally Calmaggiore, with a new suspension and wall applique.

You can download The Emotion of Light  at the following link: 

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