The colors of the future in the name of innovation and design
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The colors of the future in the name of innovation and design

Palazzani launches its PVD Color Technology finishes

The colors of the future in the name of innovation and design
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Palazzani has participated in the project

A major Italian faucet manufacturer whose roots date back to 1905, Palazzani has developed a special finish that it applies after chrome plating. Its innovative vision of the bathroom approaches color as a fundamental element of the personality and aesthetics of the room, but also as a way of making its products more robust. Dubbed PVD Color Technology, the finish creates products with greater visual appeal, while giving surfaces increased hardness, strength, and UV resistance. This means that the many colors available in its range of PVD finishes – from PVD Polished Nickel to PVD Brushed Copper Bronze, PVD Polished Rose Gold, and PVD Brushed Steel – play a decisive role in a bathroom’s identity, making it into a design space with contemporary looks.

To create these finishes, Palazzani uses its own latest generation machines, which produce consistent colors and appearance over time. These machines also perform internal corrosion tests (250 hours of exposure to neutral salt spray), heat tests (-30–130°C), and coating thickness tests to the most stringent international standards.

The chrome plating process, which happens before the application of the PVD finish, uses zero chrome systems (trivalent chromium plating), which Palazzani pioneered in the industry, replacing the older and more toxic hexavalent chrome plating process.


Colors with a story to tell

Palazzani Courtesy of Palazzani

From the boldest and liveliest to the most delicate and elegant, every color contributes to creating a unique and inviting atmosphere. Good examples include PVD Polished Champagne, which combines perfectly with the INDUSTRIAL JOB built-in wall mixer, and PVD Brushed Brass for the three-hole wall mixer that pairs with the INDUSTRIAL GAS washbasin, both designed by Andrea Zani.

Applied to the MIS collection washbasin, designed by Antonio Bullo, the PVD Brushed Gold Champagne finish highlights the product’s formal balance and functionality, while the PVD Brushed Dark Nickel and the PVD Brushed Steel finishes lend a sense of strength and solidity to the MONTECARLO sink mixers, also designed by Andrea Zani.


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Photography by Walter Monti, courtesy of Palazzani
Art direction: Domenico Orefice

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