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Technology, innovation, design: the latest trends in ceramics

Here are a few key sector proposals from Cersaie and Maison&Objet

ceramics trends technology, innovation, design

Technology, design, and innovation – the latest trends in the world of ceramic surfaces on show at Cersaie 2022 included collections produced using sophisticated manufacturing processes to obtain increasingly innovative floor and wall coverings. Colors and materials are the two focal points of the latest collections. Ceramics with bright, lively colors, three-dimensional textures, and metal, wood, marble, and resin effects were the main trends to be seen at the 2022 International Exhibition of Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings. Sustainability and green design are fundamental, reflecting ongoing research into increasingly environmentally friendly product offerings. Here are some of the most noteworthy new products on show at Cersaie 2022 as selected by THE PLAN.


Bottega d’Arte by Iris Ceramica: expressing the value of craftsmanship

Sustainability is a core value of Iris Ceramica, brand belonging to Iris Ceramica Group. One of the new collections that the company showcased at Cersaie was Bottega d’Arte, the result of a coming together of artisan philosophy, artistic thought, experimentation, and a talent for technology. The range is entirely made up of 6” square tiles, a distinctive style feature from the past, while its five different finishes reflect a revival of old methods of working red clay. The color palette is divided into three major families: natural tones, glossy and reflective, and glazed.


RAK Ceramics: new technologies for floors and walls

RAK Ceramics, RAK-Valet Courtesy of RAK Ceramics

This firm’s drawcard at Cersaie 2022 was its porcelain stone collections created with new hi-tech processes that produce increasingly striking visual and tactile characteristics. Innovative and sustainable, the new finishes on show were made using recycled materials.

ABSOLUTE MATT from RAK Ceramics has an extremely matt finish. With no reflections whatsoever, the finish enhances the texture as well as the natural durability of the tile. Thanks to the materials used to make it, ORBIT 3Rs has a high-performance, highly resistant finish. The tough, compact structure that distinguishes these tiles gives them a natural feel that’s ideal for the latest building trends, and for personalizing both indoor and outdoor domestic spaces.

Klima is an innovative technology that can either absorb or reflect heat as needed. Offering maximum comfort and energy savings both indoors and out, Klima retains heat and then releases it back into the room, its surface temperature remaining higher than a standard surface. Outdoors, Klima repels the heat of the sun’s rays, even up to the highest temperatures.

Among the many new ceramic collections presented by RAK Ceramics at Cersaie 2022, MIMESIS stood out for its shades and material effects reminiscent of oxidized metal. SEA WOOD recalls driftwood from rivers and the sea that’s been shaped by salt, water, and wind. B-MATERIA combines stone and marble surfaces in the same tile, each enhancing the characteristics of the other. DARK INK is a collection inspired by Venetian terrazzo, where the randomness of the stone chips harmonizes with black and white in a contemporary reinterpretation of a timeless classic. Classic travertine reinterpreted through a contemporary lens, TIBUR FROM BAALBEK is a collection that embraces the history of Italian architecture, spanning Rome to Baalbek, Lebanon, a place famous for its ruins of Roman temples. METAMORFOSI is a series of large format slabs that pay homage to the shapes and scenic beauty of the natural world. Finally, HARBOR STONE recalls the stone used in the old docks on the coast of Normandy between Mont-Saint-Michel and Le Tréport, where picturesque ports alternate with majestic cliffs, villages, and sea stacks.


Ceramica Sant’Agostino: research fueled by curiosity

Ceramica Sant'Agostino, Tetris Courtesy of Ceramica Sant'Agostino

A passion for discovery fueled Ceramica Sant’Agostino’s choice of offerings at Cersaie 2022, with its collections daring to experiment with novel combinations of colors and styles to help customers express their inner selves. The new collections include porcelain stoneware with effects that imitate other materials.

SUNWOOD, for example, is wood-look porcelain stoneware with warm tones, while DRIPART is metal-effect porcelain stoneware with alchemical colors and drip-effect graphics. TETRIS is a porcelain stoneware wall tile that pushes the envelope with its interplay of colors and combinations. There are 22 colors in total, all measuring 5x20 cm, that match and join in fun ways to create your own personalized effects. PARADISO is a collection of marble-look porcelain stoneware with soft colors inspired by fairy tales. INSIDEART COLOR is porcelain stoneware that imitates resin to create an immersive experience of neutral and warm hues. UNIONSTONE 2 is stone-look porcelain that builds on the previous UNIONSTONE series to enhance the natural perfection of stone. Finally, LOGICO is a collection of concrete-effect porcelain stoneware on which decorations in different materials interact to either soften or enliven an understated background.


Ceramica Bardelli: fabric and colored textures

Ceramica Bardelli, I fili Courtesy of Ceramica Bardelli

Ceramica Bardelli’s I Fili collection is a series of porcelain stoneware tiles in 11.5x23cm size that stands out for its crystalline ceramic filaments that delicately and harmoniously create textures on the surface of the tile without ever intersecting. Revisiting a collection it released in 1984, Ceramica Bardelli is again offering fabric-look tiles but reinvented with fashion colors created with digital printing and combined with modern ceramic decoration technologies on porcelain stoneware.

Tiles that create a sense of slow, constant movement through their surfaces, colored threads that traverse interiors from inside to out without interruption ­– these are tiles that lend a sartorial elegance to interior spaces.


Cerdisa Ricchetti Group: ceramics that go beyond tradition

Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti, Archisalt Courtesy of Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti

GCR Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti’s collections are recognized for experimentation, design, innovation, and craftsmanship. The firm’s laboratories have developed designer ceramics that go beyond repeating traditional decorations to elevate ceramics to something that’s alive, to a printing medium on which highly advanced techniques can be applied. Material Design is the name of the group’s creative manifesto, a design approach that goes beyond mimicking other materials and nature to create truly avant-garde products. Cross is a special finish that incorporates tiny granules into the tile for a safe, anti-slip finish. It’s combined with other technical and aesthetic features to create tiles that are pleasant to the touch, easy to clean, and dirt resistant.

The Archisalt collection was born out of a marriage between Cross and Material Design as the perfect synthesis of these two innovations. Inspired by the variegated colors of crystallized salt, the series enhances the harmony of its material. And thanks to Cross technology, the collection is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, making it possible to create a seamless aesthetic connection between the two.


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Italcer Group, La Fabbrica, and AVA: large and small formats

La Fabbrica e AVA, Small Courtesy of Gruppo ITALCER

La Fabbrica and AVA, both part of the Italcer Group, showcased eight new collections, each one designed to meet the most demanding technical requirements of architecture and interior design with Italian elegance and style.

SMALL is a small format collection with a watercolor look in twelve shades and a glossy surface intended to inspire original combinations and customizations. CHIANCA is a tribute to the timeless beauty of the city of Lecce and its Apulian limestone. The collection is hard wearing, available in five sizes, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The GEMSTONE collection, which uses volcanic stone, is available in colors ranging from natural tones to more flamboyant shades, such as Ocean, an intense blue inspired by the caves of Lake Carrera in Chile.

Measuring in at 120x280 cm, HURBAN is a large format tile that continues the highly successful series distinguished by its fashionable soft, polished, and sponged effect. With its strong visual impact, the SAHARA NOIR collection resembles intensely black marble with white and golden veining.

There are three new versions of AVA STONE created for counters and tops, exclusive furnishings, and custom-made furniture. ARAGON is a stone with a unique color combination of deep black-chocolate with thin white veining, giving surfaces an understated elegance. SAHARA NOIR, already a part of the AVA range in 6 mm size, is now also available in 12 mm, expanding its range of possible applications. The EOS collection combines a black-brown tone with different nuances created by gold, bronze, and ivory veining.


Sichenia: the graphic sign as a basis for architecture

Sichenia, Segni Minimi Courtesy of Sichenia

Segni Minimi is a collection that grew out of collaboration between Sichenia and architect Giuseppe Di Costanzo. This project draws its inspiration from the visual signs, lines, and materials associated with Mediterranean architecture. Its name – Minimal signs – is borrowed from graphic art, but in this case the signs are reproduced on ceramic. It comprises a series of dreamlike drawings, imaginary places, figurative constructions, and stylized objects that can be combined to make up a single architectural composition.


VitrA: wellbeing inside and out

VitrA Tiles, CementSide Courtesy of VitrA Tiles

The new products presented by VitrA at Cersaie 2022 were all about promoting a culture of circular economy that protects the environment while creating spaces in which the quality of the raw materials encourages inner wellbeing.

The Resincrete line is designed to trigger emotions in spaces through the conscious use of color on a concrete-effect texture with an urban look. CobbleMix is a collection in a range of colors and sizes that draws its inspiration from city sidewalks, therefore eliminating the distinction between inside and outside. LightStone is a collection intended to reconnect humans to nature, conveying a sense of comfort and tranquility. Its natural stone effect is available in a selection of light colors intended to encourage feelings of peace and purification. Ardesia Stone draws its inspiration from natural slate, while Quarstone is distinguished by the variegated glimmer of quartzite. City Marble, on the other hand, is an elegant line that comprises four different types of marble that reflect the elegance and purity of natural stone. Finally, Cementside features monochromatic veining against a cement-look background.


New products launched by Marazzi at Maison&Objet

As well as at Cersaie, new trends for 2023 were on show in Paris, where Maison&Objet took place in January. Marazzi displayed its most important new products at its exhibition space in Boulevard Saint-Germain. They included new furnishing elements made with The Top slabs, the super-glossy small format Crogiolo Lume, hyper-decorated finishes from the Momenti and White Deco collections, and the new wood-, stone- and concrete-look ceramics created by Marazzi Premium Technologies.


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