T-Project awnings: sun protection with technology and elegance
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T-Project awnings: sun protection with technology and elegance

T-Project awnings: sun protection with technology and elegance
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Awnings have brought functionality, technology, and style to the outdoors. Pratic awnings were developed from the timeless canopy roof, originally designed as a practical, discreet way to provide shade for shop entrances and private verandas.

Since 1960, Pratic has been interpreting this form of sunshade, constantly giving it new meanings and applications. Each awning is a one-off project, in which functionality combines with comfort and designs marked by lightness and essential lines.

Ongoing research by the Pratic Concept Lab continues to fuel the creation of new-generation awnings, featuring the latest in technology, design, and aesthetics.

Pratic awnings, available in folding-arm and drop-down styles, are equipped with stylish weatherproof casings that protect the awning when it’s closed along with all the electrical components. LED lighting incorporated into the underside of some models creates a soft atmosphere that adds comfort to outdoor living after dark. And a whole range of hi-tech solutions is available. Using the innovative Connexoon system, for example, the awning and lights can be operated from your smartphone. Or, thanks to specially developed sensors, the awning can automatically respond to bad weather or strong winds.

All these innovations are a feature of T-Project, a new line of awnings comprising the T-Hide, T-Code, T-Way, T-Box, T-Line, and T-Square models. With their hi-tech heart, each one is also a design element that fits discreetly into any architectural situation, breathing life into outdoor designs in which clean shapes and quality materials set the scene. 

T-Hide is a folding-arm awning with a special arm tensioning system, motorized operation, and multi-channel remote controls. Up to 23 feet (700 cm) wide and with a projection of up to 13 feet (400 cm), it’s perfect for hotels and common areas. Its pitch can be varied between 10 and 40 degrees, and it can be equipped with a motorized front valance, which also retracts into the casing. This is a real innovation that not only improves sun protection, but also adds a sophisticated touch of privacy.

The video shows a residential project in which the T-Hide model adds a very simple graphic element to the overall design. With its essential lines and high performance, the awning seamlessly extends the living area of this advanced new home out into the garden.

The result is an outdoor projection of the interior living space, surrounded by greenery and an elegant contemporary swimming pool.


Find out more about the T-Project line of awnings at www.pratic.it

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