SYN at Cersaie 2023: a true homage to ceramicware
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SYN at Cersaie 2023: a true homage to ceramicware

Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti presents its new Synthetic Nature concept

SYN at Cersaie 2023: a true homage to ceramicware
By Editorial Staff -
GCR - Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti has participated in the project

At Cersaie 2023 in Bologna, September 25–29, Cerdisa and Ricchetti will be presenting an exclusive preview of their new projects, telling the story behind them through the concept of Synthetic Nature. Hall 30, Booth C58

A true homage to ceramicware, SYN is the name of the new concept that Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti will showcase at the next Cersaie 2023 exhibition in Bologna. SYN is the common root of words like synthesis, synergy, symbiosis, and synchrony.

As the only product line on display in the group’s exhibition space, SYN will clearly have the starring role. But it takes the form of numerous products that, rather than being separate, have been created to merge with one another, inextricably linked by their inherent similarities. The theme of this Cersaie is “Synthetic Nature” with the word synthetic chosen because the focus here is on synthesis, not on imitating nature. The iconic SYN collection includes Fluids, for which GCR used artificial intelligence to create shapes derived from ink designs inspired by the shapes of liquid crystal. Another of GCR’s experiments in creativity is Pearls, a series that draws poetic inspiration from the sky and its shifting color palette determined by the weather. Clear Sky will also be on show at Cersaie 2023 with the newly developed Honed surface, which is silky to the touch and gentle in the way it reflects light like a painting. Also on show will be the Frames series, a ceramic surface made three-dimensional through product plus T2D, with a bichromatic optical micro-design generated by computer graphics.

The exhibition will be a chance to discover Cerdisa’s new collections, Archistone 2, Onyx Design, and Wood Design, as well as Archimarble 2, now available with a new marble effect as well as the Honed finish. And Ricchetti will be offering exclusive previews of Fireclay, Retro Pure, and Trick.

Archistone 2 includes a broad range of stone effects for both natural and Cross surfaces, with a design developed for large sized tiles that offer perfect modularity, countless stone variations, and complementary surfaces. The 80x80 cm size is 20 mm thick. With its innovative nano-granules, the Cross surface is non-slip, soft to the touch, and easy to clean, while offering complete visual continuity between indoors and outdoors with a single product.

Although Onyx Design might appear to be inspired by the appearance of onyx, in reality it includes almost abstract creations with lively, vibrant colors that recall and reinvent natural elements, such as ice, night, light, the sun, forests, the sky, and water in a synthesis of nature. It’s available in Honed (extremely soft to the touch) and Polished (with a deep, mirror-like flatness) finishes.

Wood Design is an American walnut effect with a flowing, continuous design available in 26.5x180 cm and 20x120 cm sizes and in three colors. Besides being available with the Cross surface – making them suitable for residential settings as well as for countless applications requiring R11 C certification – its key attraction is the richness of its graphic design and the countless chromatic variations that harmonize on the one ceramic tile.

Archimarble 2 includes three elegant marble effects that cover the whole color range from black to white. They’re available with the Soft finish, produced using special enamel and a light final brushing to give greater softness to the touch, Polished, a fully polished finish that’s extremely brilliant, and Honed, an extremely smooth and matte lapped finish. The collection is available in large, modular, and perfectly rectified formats.

Fireclay has a terracotta effect and a three-dimensional surface structure with rectified edges, producing an appearance that transforms it from a traditional material to a modern product suitable for contemporary architecture, partly also thanks to the precision fit of the tiles, and the availability of the innovative Cross surface finish and current shades.

Retro Pure isn’t a marble or concrete effect – it’s a sculptural material in shades of ivory, crystal, and chalk. Marble veining combines with a mottled concrete appearance on a surface that seems handcrafted, with a worn, antiqued look. Thanks to product plus T2D, it feels three-dimensional to the touch. It’s also rich with reflections, depending on the angle of the light. Its large size complements its original and unique aesthetic.

Trick is inspired by the appearance of uniform, knot-free brushed oak. Available in Naturale and Cross surfaces, it owes its name to the interplay of various laying patterns possible thanks to its multiple sizes – 20x120, 15x120, 10x120, 5x120, and 120x120 cm coffered Inlay – all of which can be combined, and with the 26.5x180 and 7.5x45 cm sizes sold together. The last tile can also be used as a wall covering decoration. The six colors of their natural and contemporary palette have been developed for imagining and designing any type of architectural space.


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All images Courtesy of GCR - Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti

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