Sustano: the first recyclable shower tray made of DuraSolid® Nature
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Sustano: the first recyclable shower tray made of DuraSolid® Nature

Sustano: the first recyclable shower tray made of DuraSolid® Nature
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DuraSolid® Nature is a new stone-based material that’s highly sustainable since it’s recyclable. It also has excellent properties, including minimal weight, adaptability, and ease of cutting on site. And it’s strong, easy to clean, pleasant to the touch, and UV resistant, while the matt colored versions have anti-slip properties.

Duravit has released Sustano, the first recyclable shower tray made of DuraSolid® Nature. The product features a flat, rimless design that can be installed flush with the floor and has an integrated flush outlet cover. It comes in 21 different sizes for true design flexibility. The range also stands out for its very attractive price tag, lightness, and six color options for creative, personalized bathroom designs, especially in renovation projects.

Sustano Courtesy of Duravit

Lightweight and flexible

With their extremely slim profile of just 1 1/8” (30 mm), Sustano self-supporting shower trays can be installed flush to the floor, including in renovation projects with a low screed height. Alternatively, they can be installed directly on a finished floor or semi-recessed. Sustano also offers unprecedented flexibility, with it possible to remove up to 4” (100 mm) from each side of the tray on site. And the tray’s minimal weight makes it easy to handle, with only one person needed for installation.

Hardwearing and sustainable

Even more important features are the material’s durability and recyclability. At the end of their useful life, Sustano shower trays made from DuraSolid® Nature can be returned to Duravit or taken to a local recycling center. The recycled materials can then be used to manufacture brand new shower trays or, for example, swivel bearings for industrial applications.

Durable and stylish

Shower trays made of DuraSolid® Nature have a high surface hardness and density, making them relatively impervious to damage and soiling. Cleaning the surface needs nothing more than a soft cloth with warm water or a normal household cleaner. The non-porous surface creates an elegant finish that has a pleasantly warm and gentle feeling to the touch. The versions with opaque colors have a velvety appearance, while the glossy finishes appear smooth. The flat outlet cover is easy to clean and comes in the same color as the tray.


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Photography courtesy of Duravit

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