SOS 2017/2018 - Apply now
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SOS 2017/2018 - Apply now

SOS 2017/2018 - Apply now
By Redazione The Plan -

Let us imagine a future where… the intelligent investment of our profession positions us as global experts, leaders and stewards of the environment, design delivers outstanding quality that is responsive and sustainable, all stakeholders are involved from the initiation of the project; decisions are performance-based and value-driven; all communications throughout the design and building process are clear, concise, open, transparent and trusting, and where outcomes are innovative and visionary.
SOS - School of Sustainability - based in Bologna, Italy, is an initiative of Mario Cucinella focused on training emerging professionals in the field of sustainability. SOS is open to recent graduates and indus­try partners to develop innovative projects with a positive impact on society, the economy and the envi­ronment through a revolutionary model of integrated education, practice and research. SOS is a creative laboratory born in close collaboration with Mario Cucinella Architects (MCA) where training is inspired by active projects and expertise in a professional practice setting.
SOS is founded on a mission to provide the highest quality practice-based experience and opportunities for talented young professionals. Teaching and practicing sustainable design using the most advanced technologies are both the focus and core value of the program. SOS is constructed on a narrative that seeks to transform recent graduates and emerging professionals into the next generation of leaders in broader and higher impact roles.
The structure of SOS works by embracing global challenges at a local scale through co-design and pub­lic participation. The program works at the intersection of government, industry, practice, professional organizations and research institutions. An expanded curriculum also positions SOS at the forefront of practice-based use-inspired research for the built environment industry and the profession.
The SOS 2017 / 2018 program offers three key tracks related to sustainable architecture and design:
- Architecture as a Social Business, to regenerate the urban environment
- Post Carbon Architecture, to design the next generation of buildings
- The Right to (Quality) Shelter, to sustain human development and build resilience
Beginning on October 2nd, 2017, SOS will launch a Consortium for Practice and Research which is comprised of a wide range of firms/practices (architecture, development, engineering, landscape, urban, etc.) gov­ernments, industry partners and organizations throughout Italy and Europe. The Consortium serves a critical function in the SOS mission, which is to be a nexus and platform for the exchange of advanced professional practice knowledge and experience with a particular focus on sustainability.

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