Solea Valley Healing Resort: discovering beekeeping and the rhythms of nature
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Solea Valley Healing Resort: discovering beekeeping and the rhythms of nature

A place for getting to know the beauty of Cyprus

Studio Puisto

Solea Valley Healing Resort: discovering beekeeping and the rhythms of nature
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The relationship between humans and bees is symbiotic, with our respect for this vital species and its products dating from the earliest times. Beekeeping is found in many civilizations, with the same mutually beneficial exchange taking place. With their specialized knowledge, beekeepers organize their work based on bees’ behavior, supporting the life of the hive and the collection of nectar and pollen. In exchange, they receive honey, royal jelly, and propolis.

Located midway between Lefkosia and Limassol on the island of Cyprus, the Solea Valley is home to many villages that are UNESCO heritage sites. The valley is also home to a beekeeping center, where you can learn about the life and slow rhythms of bees and beekeeping. It’s here that Helsinki practice Studio Puisto has begun work on the design of a resort that’s set in, and respectful of, nature. A place where you can experience both the relaxed atmosphere and beekeeping far from the daily grind. Begun in late 2022 and expected to be completed in 2024, the Solea Valley Healing Resort has been designed so that people can experience both beekeeping and apitherapy.

“Nature is our inspiration and we want to set an example of how to incorporate it into design,” says Studio Puisto’s founding partner Willem van Bolderen. “In addition to preserving nature, in fact, we aim to restore and enhance the diversity of the flora and fauna present on the site.”


Interiors designed for psychophysical wellbeing

Solea Valley Healing Resort, Studio Puisto ©Studio Puisto

With 30 rooms, 18 villas, and 40 experiential lodges sleeping up to 230 guests, the resort will offer accommodations that are both responsible and aware. But this has already begun with the low environmental impact planning and development stage, and the choice of materials. It even extends to the drainage and low energy consumption systems. Along with these precautions at the planning stage, the studio supports a planning approach aimed at the creation of wellness centers, swimming pools, and large outdoor structures where you can take care of your psychophysical wellbeing with activities aimed at offering an immersive experience in nature, and areas dedicated to permaculture and others where guests can plant trees themselves.

One of the cornerstones of Studio Puisto is that “we believe that holistic wellbeing comes from the opportunity to not only focus on oneself, but also to contribute to the wellbeing of the surrounding nature and community.”

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Location: Solea Valley, Cyprus
Architects: Studio Puisto
Complection: Expected opening 2024
Render by and courtesy of Studio Puisto

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