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SnowRoom and SnowSky

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SnowRoom and SnowSky
By Editorial Staff -
Technoalpin has participated in the project

Online shopping, increasingly common worldwide, is characterized by the absence of a well-rounded shopping experience. Seeking to reverse this trend, TechnoAlpin Indoor designed its products – SnowRoom and SnowSky – so that they can best adapt to the needs and functions of retail spaces, allowing clients to benefit from the advantages of a cold, dry climate and the beauty of a snowy landscape while remaining indoors.
The high-end clothing brand Canada Goose, facing the same challenge, decided to turn to TechnoAlpin Indoor to realize and install the SnowRoom snow booth in 11 of its many stores worldwide. Their garments can thus be tested immediately at extremely low temperatures (down to -10º), thus demonstrating their performance and quality right from inside the flagship store. 

Bringing winter and the experience of a mountain climate into a retail space, to any latitude and in any season, is not the only possibility for a SnowRoom: it can also be included in hospitality projects, particularly fitness centers, spas and wellness centers of hotels and ships, becoming a real attraction. The booths – which begin to produce snow at -5º thanks to a system that nebulizes water in small particles, distributes them in the form of fine dust, and deposits them in a thin layer of snow – can be totally custom-made, to adapt to each space and context and meet client requirements. 

SnowSky shares the same flexibility for usage as SnowRoom. Its compact structure allows it to be inserted in newly realized interiors and in existing spaces: the result is a true snowfall from the ceiling. 

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