Sibu Panel System: finishing, decorating, innovating
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Sibu Panel System: finishing, decorating, innovating

Sadun launches a new collection of decorative finishes

Sibu Panel System: finishing, decorating, innovating
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With the Sibu Panel System available in numerous textures, stone effects, new striped patterns, and soft, delicate tones inspired by Scandinavia, the potential for different combinations is as good as endless. The product also adds a touch of contemporaneity and elegance in many different applications.

Combining good looks, practicality, strength, and easy cleaning, this new collection of decorative finishes from Sadun is suitable for furniture, kitchens, and door finishes. Its features make it ideal for a huge number of applications, from kitchens to bathrooms and even closets that require materials with both aesthetic and functional qualities.

Measuring 102 3/8 x 39 3/8” (2600x1000 mm), the panels are available in a range of soft, elegant colors, ranging from plain matt and embossed tones to stone effects and new striped patterns. The striped patterns in particular create a sense of both movement and balance with pleasant contrasts of light and shade.

Sibu Panel System, Sadun

Most of the panels are also available in fireproof versions, guaranteeing high standards of safety and strength. The Sibu Panel System is scratch resistant, easy to work with, and, with matching profiles, simple to install.

Using a 1/32” (0.5 mm) laminate, it’s possible to create custom-made doors for kitchens, bathrooms, and closets. The waterproof version, on the other hand, is ideal for showers and all environments with high humidity levels.

More product information is available here.


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