Scott Mitchell Houses, an elegant and iconic monograph
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Scott Mitchell Houses, an elegant and iconic monograph

SCOTT Mitchell Studio

Scott Mitchell Houses, an elegant and iconic monograph
By Editorial Staff -

We present Scott Mitchell Houses, the first volume, published in over 30 countries, which collects some of the most iconic projects by Scott Mitchell, architect and designer.

The first volume on his work, Scott Mitchell Houses is an exploration of the architectural designer’s impressive portfolio of projects. Mitchell’s houses are studies in space, materiality, and light. Emphasizing an elegant economy of space, his projects respond to the natural appeal of their locations, be they bucolic retreats on Long Island or resplendent beach houses overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The utilization of monolithic concrete, glass and steel curtain walls, and cantilevered roof planes reduces each building to its essential elements, cultivating a sense of balance and repose. Merging formalist spatial logic and an atmosphere of calm, the work bridges disparate architectural typologies to create places that are both poetic and profound.
Mitchell’s monolithic forms draw on the surrounding environment via floor to ceiling windows that open onto vistas so cinematic that Tom Ford utilized one of Mitchell’s homes in his neo-noir drama Nocturnal Animals. Through previously unpublished photographs, readers are given an exclusive view into eight pivotal projects that span the globe from the Hamptons to Melbourne, featuring images by Ross Bleckner, Scott Frances, Trevor Mein and Steve Shaw. A foreword by Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic Paul Goldberger, contribution by fashion designer Calvin Klein, and essay by architecture and design writer and author Michael Webb further highlight the seductive style of Mitchell’s work.

Scott Mitchell Houses © Scott Mitchell, 2020

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