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Restaurant awnings: Solutions by Pratic

Restaurant awnings: Solutions by Pratic | THE PLAN
By Editorial Staff -
Pratic F.lli Orioli has participated in the project

Hostaria Alla Tavernetta in the city of Udine, northeast Italy, was recently renovated, and this old-time inn typical of Italy’s Friuli region turned into a contemporary up-market meeting place.

On the outside, the challenge was to find an outdoor solution that would shade guests not only from the sun but also protect them from the light spring and autumn rains. Architect Stefano Carlutti was also asked by the owners to make the best of the bistrot’s exceptional architectural setting in Via Artico di Prampero, a small quiet road in the heart of the old town.

The idea was to create a welcoming dehors that was not just a covered entrance but a real extension of the interiors.

The ivory shade of the T-Hide retractable-arm awning by Pratic - part of the T-Project Collection - proved the ideal solution. Its sleek essential design and technical characteristics ticked all the boxes. When not in use, the awnings are retracted by a motorized device and tucked away out of sight in attractive aluminum boxes, or housing, that contribute to the appearance of the building façade. Awnings are operated by three types of integrated sensor: a wind gauge and rain sensor that automatically close the awning when gusts of wind or atmospheric humidity reach certain levels - thereby minimizing the risk of damage to the various components and possible harm to people - and a light sensor that automatically opens the awning at fixed intensities of sunlight, ensuring maximum comfort in the shaded areas below. The technology behind the retractable arm awning is housed in the compact weather-resistant T-Hide box. With a maximum width of 700 cm and depth of 400 cm, the awning, in strong compact fabric, can be inclined from 10 to 40°. Like the other products of the T-Project series, the T-Hide can also come with an integrated lighting system whose LED dimmer lights can be controlled by a smartphone app that monitors the natural light, switching the system on or off accordingly, and verifying execution. The app also indicates whether one of the sensors has been activated.

The new space of the renovated Hostaria Alla Tavernetta has not only added a new outdoor space for customers to enjoy along with the interiors and terrace, it also makes the place visible from the nearby square.

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