Preserving the Past, Planning the Present and Future
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Preserving the Past, Planning the Present and Future

Radisson Collection Hotel

Studio Marco Piva

Preserving the Past, Planning the Present and Future
By Editorial Staff -
IdealStandard has participated in the project

Studio Marco Piva recently redeveloped and restyled the sophisticated, elegant Palazzo Bertarelli, the historical headquarters of the Italian Touring Club dating back to 1915 and an expression of late Milanese Liberty style. Drawing on the club’s century-long history, inspired by the theme of travel and preserving its details, the restoration transformed the building into a luxury hotel, the Radisson Collection Hotel, with a choice of materials and finishes redolent of the club’s heritage.

The design’s underlying concept combines the desire to restore and conserve this monument with the need to change its use and carve out more functional spaces with a contemporary look by adding conference rooms, a wellness center and a two-level, multi-purpose restaurant that also doubles as a bar, breakfast room, bookshop and travel agency.

The 89 bedrooms boast high ceilings and smoked oak parquet floors laid in a herringbone pattern. Elegance and charm is evident in the bathroom furnishings, all of which are different, even if the colors white and gray predominate.

Radisson Collection Hotel - © Andrea Martiradonna, courtesy Ideal Standard

Two Ideal Standard collections were chosen for their contemporary feel: one for countertop sinks, another for sanitary ware. Strada II is an evolution of an initial line of sinks in new, softer shapes, with thinner edges and discreet lines, retaining its hallmark features of ease of installation and maintenance.

For the sinks, the Tesi collection’s avant-garde style and fresh, energetic character intertwines design, performance and durability.

Every detail at the Radisson Collection Hotel is forward-looking, living the present while cherishing the past and looking to the future.

Ideal Standard

Via Giosuè Borsi, 9 - I - 20143 Milano
Tel +39 02 28.881
E-mail: [email protected] -

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