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Pimar at MADE Expo 2019


Edited By Redazione The Plan - 12 April 2019

The design research carried out by Pimar on stone materials is not only expressed through the execution of great architectural projects, but also by decorative elements targeting the world of interior design. New domestic living trends and the infinite possible applications of materials such as Pimar natural stone, are the topics addressed by the Elle Decor Design Box event, conceived by Elle Decor and curated by the architectural firm of Calvi Brambilla exclusively for the Salone Interni e Finiture (dedicated to Interiors and Finishes), which runs alongside MADE. The exhibition layout is characterized by the presence of “folies”, consisting of cube-like walk-through structures clad with materials destined to become the protagonists of interior decoration. In fact, the concept contemplates eight “domestic rooms” with just as many ways of using materials in a residential context. In the “Design Box” space, set up in Hall 5, Pimar interprets two decor solutions. Pimar interior surface coverings are interpreted in numerous different textures to provide an adequate response to any design requirement. The pronounced versatility of Pimar natural stone enables applications ranging from simple decorative motifs to walls of great spectacular impact, projects which frequently derive from partnerships with high-profile designers and architects. The surface coverings are executed in robotic-processed and hand finished stone or in stone that is entirely processed and finished by hand. The Folie “Attraversare” is clad with panels in Pimar white natural stone in the Terrae texture, designed by Renzo Buttazzo. This texture recalls the natural phenomenon of arid land. The stone surface replicates the furrows caused by drought: the ground cracks and breaks up into countless irregular clumps. The panel is made entirely of hand-processed stone. The Folie “Spostare” is made up of a Diamante A cladding in Pimar white natural stone, designed by Luca Scacchetti. As part of the Diamante line of surface coverings, this texture draws inspiration from the prestigious Italian dwellings dating back to the second half of the XIV century, embellished by diamond-pointed geometric motifs which further enhance the high degree of plasticity characterizing Italian architecture of that period. The different variants emerge as refined examples of workmanship in chiaroscuro, consisting of wedges and pyramids whose irregular arrangement is alternated with a rigorous symmetry to allow for unique interpretations of the stone surface. The panel is entirely made from robotic-processed and hand finished stone.

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