PICCO architetti. Fostering a Culture of Design and Construction
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PICCO architetti. Fostering a Culture of Design and Construction

The Plan Editions – Gruppo Maggioli presents a monograph dedicated to the studio

Picco architetti

PICCO architetti. Fostering a Culture of Design and Construction
By Editorial Staff -

Lead by Cristiano Picco, the Turin firm PICCO architetti boasts 30 years of experience and commitment to urban landscape design, regeneration projects, and the renovation of abandoned buildings.

Published by THE PLAN EditionsGruppo Maggioli with texts in Italian and English, the monograph PICCO architetti. Fostering a Culture of Design and Construction examines the projects that the studio has been involved in since the 2000s – that is, when the practice expanded its operations from the local dimension to the rest of Italy and abroad.


PICCO architetti: the “relevance of the project”

The city of Turin and surrounding areas are common themes in PICCO architetti’s portfolio, with projects on different scales, from masterplans to architecture. All its projects are distinguished by an analysis of the “relevance of the project” in terms of its setting, its historical and social contexts, and the complex relationships at work.

The way architecture dialogues with history has been a focus of the studio for many years. It can be seen in a series of projects in which, besides restoration and conservation, there is an emphasis on “retroactively updating” existing buildings. This is an approach that rethinks and updates the role and identity of historical buildings with contemporary uses.

The studio has designed numerous residential projects, from public housing to retirement homes, and new hybrid urban models for students and young people.


Architecture as a calling and a commitment

The book examines over 20 projects on different scales and with different uses, grouped into five themes: Urban Regeneration, Training and Education, Sport and Leisure, Housing, Community Accommodation, and Urban Projects.

“Measuring ourselves against projects on different scales has always been hugely stimulating for us. The urban dimension of any project, regardless of size, including a broad interpretation of place, the surrounding area, and the various relationships at work there, have always been an essential part of how we work. The most important legacy of Turin’s architectural culture of the second half of the 20th century, including all its values and limitations, is a focus on the project within the urban landscape. It achieved this through an effective and critical reading of the modern”.
Cristiano Picco, founder of PICCO architetti

The firm approaches projects of very different types with the same passion, embracing the uniqueness that characterizes each in the awareness that architecture is a commitment and a calling, and that each project requires complex creative thinking, from its relationship to context to the final analysis of all the details.

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