PaperStone®: a second life for paper and cardboard in furnishing and design
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PaperStone®: a second life for paper and cardboard in furnishing and design

Since 2016, Sadun has been the exclusive Italian distributor of PaperStone®


PaperStone®: a second life for paper and cardboard in furnishing and design
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Sadun has participated in the project

The product of certified recycled paper and cardboard combined with resins and pigments sourced from natural materials, PaperStone® is an eco-sustainable material for furniture and design with high environmental value. Sadun has been the Italian distributor since 2016. Because it uses recycled materials combined with components that are completely free of formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds, this composite material effectively responds to the principles of circular economy but without sacrificing qualities like elegance and functionality.

PaperStone® is a composite. FSC®-certified paper and cardboard are processed and impregnated with a pigmented resin called PetroFree™. The result of the process is a solid, homogeneous, and, in particular, non-porous product. PaperStone® is hygienic, fully water-repellent, resistant to high temperatures, non-toxic, and easy to clean. It’s also easy to work using standard woodworking tools. It can be drilled and milled, and has impact resistance almost comparable to steel.

Depending on the project, using PaperStone® can contribute to obtaining LEED® credits. And the product has numerous applications, from residential to commercial, and from bathroom and kitchen counters to furnishing accessories. Plus, FSC® certification guarantees that the entire wood–recycled paper chain uses fair, environmentally friendly, socially useful, and sustainable forest management.


Renovating the bathrooms at Roma Termini station

 Courtesy of Sadun

Environmental sustainability was a core value of the recent renovation of the pay bathrooms at Roma Termini station, commissioned by Grandi Stazioni Retail. Established by Fabio Lattanzi and Silvia Statella, Rome studio LastArch looked after the concept and design, and recommended PaperStone® for the wall coverings. The technical characteristics of the product were key to their choice, including the product’s strength, water repellency, and workability, all of which make it suitable for an area subject to intense use.

Opting for a palette of just a few colors stimulated the architects’ creativity:

“Three colors were chosen, which we alternated through the use of different sized panels to create walls with the chromatic variations that became an integral feature of the project,” commented the studio. “The whole project was focused on environmental sustainability. Besides using systems for reducing water and energy consumption, the client asked for innovative finishes derived from 100% recycled materials. After a long search, PaperStone® was a clear choice."




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All images courtesy of Sadun

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