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Italian-made overhead and sectional doors: a few good reasons to choose custom-made

Italian-made doors, why choose custom-made | THE PLAN
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Sandrini Serrande has participated in the project

Along with its expertise and quality products, Sandrini Serrande’s customization option makes the firm the ideal supplier for overhead and sectional doors that are totally made in Italy.

Of course, windows, doors, and garage doors are all key factors in building envelope design. And it’s not just their practical function that matters, but also their part in a building’s overall composition. Besides providing closure and security, these elements play a role in the appearance of wherever they’re installed. 

These are all good reasons for choosing a reliable supplier who can offer personalized service and a quality custom-built product. One such company is Sandrini Serrande, which sells its domestic, commercial, and industrial products throughout Italy. Its wide range includes galvanized sheet metal, timber, and insulated overhead doors; sectional doors for residential and commercial applications; solid, tube, and mesh roller shutters; fire-, multipurpose and cellar doors; sheet metal and insulated sliding doors; and folding doors. Based in the Italian province of Brescia, the company has been a showpiece of Italian manufacturing since the 1990s. Nowadays, it’s able to produce up to 150 overhead doors every day. “We’re a highly specialized business,” explains Ivonne Milesi, at the helm of this firm that has successfully combined tradition, knowhow, and cutting-edge technologies. “We make our customized doors so that every client gets exactly what they want, including the right choice of materials, accessories, and every detail of its appearance.”

A highlight of Sandrini Serrande’s product range is its patented space-saving overhead doors. At only two inches (5 cm) deep, the door reclaims more than four inches (10 cm) in space compared to conventional counterweighted doors. This door has been put through 30 thousand test runs and boasts an innovative opening system with overhead springs, a galvanized or painted finish, and either manual or automatic opening.

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