A New University Hospital in Odense
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A New University Hospital in Odense

3 October 2019

The New University Hospital of Odense, one of the largest in Europe with its 250,000 square meters, designed by ATlproject, will be constructed by the ltalian JV CMB-ltinera in the next 3 years. We developed all the disciplines of the project, working in close contact with the JV and with the Client; it was a valuable experience both from a technical and management point of view. We found ourselves designing following the Danish regulations, in a new language for us, with a very demanding clientele and a project of immense dimensions. Suffice to say that the layout of the main building in scale 1:50 is over 15 meters long. Every detail is fundamental, because, in the projects of this scale, perfection is an absolute requirement. The collaboration with the JV taught us a lot and we succeeded to create a very strong team, where everyone brought their experience to maximize the quality of the project. This was not our first experience abroad, however the project of the New University Hospital of Odense represented the real beginning of our studio's internationalization path, an important strategiec front on which we will invest intensely in the coming years - concludes Branko Zrnic, president of ATlproject.
We are finally at a project that, thanks to its size and complexity, allowed us to express our technical and digital capabilities to the fullest. AII project disciplines (architectural, structural, installations, fire-safety, security) have been developed in BIM using only our internal resources. Working with a structured client, able to guide and follow us from the technological point of view has made this path much easier for us. Our team has grown a lot, both on a technical and organizational level; it is precisely in such large and complex projects that the real lntegrated Design approach brings enormous advantages, both in terms of quality of the project, management of the process and interdisciplinary coordination, and in the aspects of cost and time control and management. We are a very young team and we have not yet arrived to celebrate 10 years since we were founded, but we can already define us a multidisciplinary, competent and complete structure, able to manage projects of great technical complexity and very important dimensions. I can say that after the Odense Hospital, there is nothing that may scare us, we have many important tenders awaiting to be awarded; and we are looking forward all the new challenges that will arise - concludes Luca Serri, chief executive of ATlproject.

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