OPEN BEING: the story of a journey through architecture
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OPEN BEING: the story of a journey through architecture, images, and ideas

Mino Caggiula Architects

OPEN BEING: the story of a journey through architecture
By Redazione The Plan -

THE PLAN Editions presents OPEN BEING, a “state of consciousness” that records the architectural vision of Lugano-based Swiss firm Mino Caggiula Architects.

The book takes the reader on a journey through timeless concepts, connections, ideas, fragments of thought, encounters, and living images.

“It’s the story of a journey through our hectic everyday lives, in which we need to stay constantly on the move, and through moments of transition that invite reflection. It’s a logbook on architecture and our path as a studio, with our ever-growing portfolio of completed projects.”

Written with the contribution of Enrico Fagone, in the book, Italian-Swiss architect Mino Caggiula explains his vision of architecture – a vision composed of strong conceptual images, and extensive experience with construction techniques and materials. Beginning at the construction site, this vision follows through to unexplored realms of architecture, only accessible through a design approach that’s open to new challenges. In other words, through a state of “Open Being.”

The book focuses on a selection of the firm’s greatest successes, treating each one as a milestone along a path guided by images and concepts geared towards the technological horizons of tomorrow’s architecture. Featuring different levels of writing, the book can be read either by leafing through the pages like the record of an architectural photo shoot, or by pausing and taking the time to absorb the finer details and in-depth analyses of each project.

Titled Genesis, Place, Concept, and Wellbeing, the book’s 3 + 1 chapters reveal the firm’s clear, precise, and visionary M.O. Each chapter includes images and designs that provide the background to discussion, quotes, and cultural insights, all centering on the search for the perfect balance between wellbeing and the built environment.

This is a book for everyone – architects, professionals, and enthusiasts – that offers inspiration, pause for thought, as well as a straightforward visual and emotional experience

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