Minimalism, Functionality and Contrasting Colors
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Minimalism, Functionality and Contrasting Colors

Italiana Ferramenta Offices

Pivetta & Partners

Minimalism, Functionality and Contrasting Colors

Furniture industry components manufacturer Italiana Ferramenta has always sought leading-edge solutions, so it was only natural for it to adopt this approach for its new headquarters close to Pordenone, in Northern Italy.

The company’s new offices are located in a traditional building that lacked harmony until, with rationality and elegance, Pivetta & Partners reworked it, carving out high visual impact, functional office space.

Uffici Italiana Ferramenta - © Remo Bortolin, courtesy Quadrifoglio Group

The most challenging part of the job was the ground floor and the level above it, an 800 sq. m area furnished by the Quadrifoglio Group. The central hall is furnished with Arte range of sofas and armchairs, setting off a series of bright niches along the side walls.

The hall provides access to the facility, leading to a central lacquered wooden partition with two built-in sliding doors. Behind this are offices and a stairway to the upper floor, now fully converted from its original configuration as a single, bare space: transparent and opaque partitions create a large operative office for agents, two executive offices (one connected directly with the agents’ space), an administrative office and a meeting room. All spaces share pure, minimalist volumes, with chromatic contrasts between shadow grey, white, beige and green chairs, such as the high-backed Omnia on the ground floor, along with a selection of different furnishings, for example X7 and X8 executive desks, Up&Up adjustable height desks, and Diva Soft and Dahlia executive chairs.

Uffici Italiana Ferramenta - © Remo Bortolin, courtesy Quadrifoglio Group

The job was completed with the installation of a 4x9 m, custom-made, X-Change acoustic booth made out of aluminum profiles and glass walls. Equipped with a ventilation system and power sockets, the sound-proof booth inside the warehouse is furnished with oak pieces by the Quadrifoglio Group to create a private office within this industrial space.


Via Cornaré, 12 - I - 31040 Mansuè (TV)
Tel. +39 0422 756025
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